I am currently a Maritime Enforcement Specialist with the United States Coast Guard and has spent the past twelve years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. In his current position he specializes in Maritime Home Land Security in Southeastern New England. He is the units Firearms Instructor, and LEO Instructor. During his enlistment he spent over eight years with the USCG Deployable Operations Group with three different special mission units. His duties on the teams were Advanced Interdiction/ Counter Narcotics Boarding Officer and Team Member, Foreign/Unknown Weapons Specialist, Tactical EMT and Simunitions Instructor. He is a graduate of the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy at FLETC in Charleston South Carolina class 10-2007

Shooting, Reloading, Teaching
May 23, 1982 (Age: 40)
South shore MA
Federal Law Enforcement, Small Arms Instructor


Certified NRA Safety Instructor
Certified MA State LEOSA Instructor
Certified MA State Police Instructor
USCG Firearms Instructor,
Certified Simmunitions Instructor.
What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist?...........Recoil

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