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  1. GE Refrigerator or Other Brand

    we have had our GE Set for 13 yrs only issue is had to change the freezer gasket at yr 11 took me 10 min and cost $20
  2. Azerbaijan vs Armenia - shooting war

    is it me or would a couple of A-10s totally ruin both sides days ?
  3. Pre-order 115gr 9mm

    won't ship to mass :(
  4. Key chain Flashlight suggestions wanted

    I've been using the O light for several years with great results, ended up buying a bunch as gifts and everyone seemed to like them
  5. SOLD found

    looking for some pre ban 30 RD mags in good shape FTF thanks
  6. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    the LA police gear level IV plates are back in stock $119
  7. Do you own a CVT vehicle?

    106K on a 2015 CR V with no issues
  8. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    got my carrier and plates...10 days from order time plates June 2020 MFD now I just have to kit it out
  9. Anyone still boycotting the NFL?

    I emailed the NFL letting them I was not going to watch them or support them in anyway since they decided only BLM not all lives....I also mentioned that I hope there business model is based on ALM not just BLM and what would happen to the league if only the 13% of BL response
  10. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    what kind of plates? I ordered mine last week and they will be here by the weekend
  11. P365 holster

    Bought a Henrys Flint AIWB for my SAS and quality were way better than I thought for $55 shipped came in quickly and the owner responded very quickly to my questions ....just an FYI for anyone looking for a holster
  12. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    ordered in stock from LA police gear a Condor EXO Plate Carrier Gen II carrier and 2 of the la police gear plates that seem to have great reviews...should get them in about a week now someone has to school this newbie how to set it up/ ie mag holders med kit ...but at least I'm on my way
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