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  1. Beginners guide to hunting in Massachusetts from Cerfur

    Bump for anyone getting Into hunting this year!!
  2. To All Mass Residents Thinking of Leaving

    My last day living in the state of Massachusetts is Aug15th. My wife was able to get a transfer to Portland Maine and I can be anywhere! Renting a house for the time being in will purchase in the spring! Surprised no one else mentioned Maine....
  3. M1a Scope Recommendation

    I had not looked into them but you ate right seems most folks are quite happy with them! Great prices as well! What model have you been looking at
  4. M1a Scope Recommendation

    I did already order a cheek piece as well
  5. M1a Scope Recommendation

    Gen 4 Springfield scope mount
  6. M1a Scope Recommendation

    Recently bought a springfield M1a loaded I also ordered a scope mount. Now looking to decide what scope I want to put on it. I have budgeted myself 500 bucks and there appear to be a lot available in that price point that people are happy with. I will use it for target shooting to 500 yards...
  7. In search of a tavor

    Thank you guys so much for the help!!! Have a few phone calls to make its been a while since I have been posting here happy to see the forum has not changed
  8. In search of a tavor

    Has anyone seen a tavor in Massachusetts LGS in the past few days?
  9. WTS M&P15 ORC

    Location : Westport MASS Description :M&P 15 ORC gun will come exactly as seen! Less then 300 rounds through it.. Perfect shape Accessories: Lucid HD7 gen3 optic, 3 OK preban 30 round mags with internal date stamps, 1 ten round mag, Magpul AFG, telescoping BIPOD 600+ rounds of mixed...
  10. Westport firearms dealer charged with selling illegal handguns

    From what i know of him A good fella who was often in the parades in westport, and a veteran.... Sad to see this happen to him
  11. Beginners guide to hunting in Massachusetts from Cerfur

    Bump for those who may need it!
  12. You can PM me again

    Will be pheasant hunting this Saturday morning!
  13. You can PM me again

    I have gone back green...sorry my inbox was full Was out from some surgery sorry for missing all the PMs I am now recovered and will be able to hunt! so send the messages if my name is green
  14. Cerfur's beginers guide to fishing in mass!

    If your wife has no pole in hand you are fine your license allows two poles in the water controled buy you and your 5 year old can also have two...
  15. Ticks 2014

    Doxycycline is far from the delta force of antibiotics! Its a older antibiotic that is quite effective on Lyme but not a whole lot else... Delta force maybe vancomysin or the florquinons like levequin but neither are a prime choice for Lyme anyhow.... Two biggest things to remember about ticks...
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