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  1. WTS Assorted glock parts

    zev pro connector (new) fits all glocks except 42, 43, 43x,48. $10. Wheaton arms flat face trigger with gen 3 polished bar( test fit only). Fits gen3 and 4 9mm, 40 s&w, and 357 sig. Doesn't fit gen 5 or single stack models. $60. Lone wolf billet locking block ( new) see pic for info.$25...
  2. WTS Preban pwa ar 15

    preban pwa lower. Magpul moe stock. Anderson 16" barrel upper with 3 port muzzle brake. 15" free float keymod rail and 1 30 round magazine. Transfer at my ffl. Buyer pays transfer. Located in dighton. $1900
  3. WTS Daewoo dr-200 preban

    Daewoo dr-200 pre 94 kimber import. Ace folding stock and original stock included. Test fired only. 1 preban mag included. $1750 cash no trades. Ftf in dighton.
  4. Please delete

    Thank you sir.
  5. Please delete

    Hello all, im looking to install a plus 2 extension on these mags. Looking for an oem one, if anyone has a part number or a photo of one please share. Do the newer plus 2's work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Ephesian arms

    Let the speculations continue and the rumors be spread i know whats going on and you dont. Peace out!!!
  7. Ephesian arms

    Yes we have an 07 - - - Updated - - - Yes it is tarsook
  8. Ephesian arms

  9. Ephesian arms

    J kelly 1229 everything in that shop was for sale bcg's are included in all our builds. All the back wall guns were for sale
  10. Ephesian arms

  11. Ephesian arms

    The shop is going to be re opened in a new location not sommerset. First of all our shop had nothing to do with glock and the push not to sell in ma. Have any of you seen the letter from the ag's office? Other shops were at fault, not ours and i wont name names. There are a lot of things...
  12. Ephesian arms

    I love it how everybody bashes Ephesian Arms. No one has a clue to what went on in there. People saying we "dremeled" glocks try to do that it will never happen. In the begining we milled a lci, after we used a factory lci. As far as being shut down for criminal crimes you people need to get a...
  13. Ephesian arms

  14. zero hour arms

    Ephesian Ephesian is relocating later than sooner
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