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  1. Question about LTC for a new resident of Newton

    This is what happened to me. They restricted it for one year. Then after one year I had to write them a letter asking for the restrictions to be lifted. After 30 days of receiving the letter they called and stated that the restrictions were lifted. They made up a new license and I went down and...
  2. 2 tone Colt ... Pics!!

    Beautiful work
  3. AR love/hate curiosity

    Over 40 and love my Stag Arm
  4. m&p 9c or Ruger SR9c

    Agree with the GP100. Sweet wheel gun never any issues built like a tank.
  5. How to get an unrestricted LTC in Newton

    He Resigned last week. I also had restrictions on my license, the lic officer told me to right a letter after two years holding a resticted lic, which I did and they approved it and reissued my lic. with no restrictions and no cost. this took about 3 weeks.
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