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  1. Question about Cash

    Also regarding diversifying and having multiple banks, I don't really see any huge value to it right now unless you're a rate shopper and are willing to play musical chairs to gain a smidgen of extra interest. All banks are paying really crappy interest rates on FDIC insured products. All banks...
  2. Question about Cash

    Kevin NH's first post on the thread sums it up. I've been in retail banking for awhile. Personally I've filed CTRs and "Suspicious Activity Reports" for years. I don't think anyone in banking really cares about people taking their money for personal reasons. The banks are required to do this...
  3. Beast of the East 2015 eastern Pa

    I will probably not be returning to that match after having a spirited conversation with one of the match directors.
  4. CT State Revolver Championship (ICORE Event)

    ICORE returns to the Nutmeg State after a three year hiatus! I am proud to announce the return of the Connecticut State Revolver Championship, an official, ICORE sanctioned match. I am excited to have this shooting opportunity, thanks to the support of local revolver enthusiasts and shooting...
  5. Long Island Revolver Championship October 26

    I'm trying to get the word out for the Long Island Practical Shooter's Association regarding their October revolver match. I am not a club member but I've helped get this thing together, so feel free to ask any questions you may have! There's no entry form up since entries will be handled the...
  6. MASS Classic- Great match

    Yeah, that really sucked and it was heart breaking to watch.
  7. Steel Challenge World Shoot

    Too much money, not enough variety to justify the expense to potential return ratio.
  8. 2014 S&W IDPA indoor nationals

    I was briefly on Bay 2 before being reassigned to another bay to help, the first shooter on Friday in the first squad 100% swept his arm when opening the door.
  9. Berrys Plated .38+/+P load?

    EddieCoyle hit the nail on the head. Clays, N320, Titegroup, Bullseye, those will get you in the +P range. Trailboss is not really good for +P, especially with Berry's. As stated, the copper plated bullet offers too much resistance. I've experimented with Trailboss and carefully exceeded the...
  10. .357 RN for 9mm?

    I did this by accident once, I had some pressure issues since my overall length on my 9mm load was for 9mm 147 grain Berry's plated, and I accidentally was putting 158 grain 357 diameter bullets in there that had a different length. Encountered some chambering issues and keyholing, but for the...
  11. STEEL CHALLENGE @ New Bedford - September 29, 2013

    Steel Challenge does not check people's pistol licenses but all local, state, and federal firearms laws should be observed. It is legal for people who are out of state and who do not posses a Massachusetts pistol permit to compete, for example.
  12. Area 7 Pictures and Video thread

    I'll bite.
  13. Thank you to the Area 7 staff!

    Great stages, thanks to the usual suspects: The Sig crew, the Harvard Action Shooters, the "we'll tape for you" Monson crew, and the rest of a too long to name list. The stages were good, the officiating was professional, there was no stupid shenanigans. Money well spent.
  14. USPSA/NROI CRO LEVEL II COURSE - July 20 & 21, 2013

    Sounds legit, wish I knew about it sooner.
  15. 2013 Mass. Classic

    Match moved great, think we were done by 3 and that included a lunch break. Nice to shoot with you today Steve, will make sure you have magazines next time :)
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