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  1. WTS Random Stuff

  2. WTS Random Stuff

  3. WTS Ar Complete Upper 300AAC with ammo

    Location : Southwick, Ma Description : Custom Ar 15 300 Black Out Upper Receiver. Aero Upper, Green Mountain 18inch Barrel, pistol gas tube, with pinned and welded Lantac Muzzle Brake. Has a Paper Ciity rifle length rail 1st gen with a picatinny quad attachment. Red Dot and lower receiver not...
  4. WTS Random Stuff

  5. WTS Random Stuff

  6. WTS Random Stuff

  7. WTS Random Stuff

    Location : Westfield, Ma Description : 1. Burris Fast Fire 2 Micro Red Dot. Very good condition with box. $140 2. Springfield Armory M1A Synthetic Stock with metal. Used. $80 3. Mission First Tactical AK Handgaurd with picatinny rails. Used. $30 4. Tapco Ak 10rnd Mags $25 for both 5q. Ak...
  8. Neighborly dispute ends with seizure of guns

    I hope the Westfield police feel like they made a difference today...
  9. Firearm found at Restaurant in West Side

    Saw this today in Westfield News. A Westfield man left a "automatic" pistol at a restaurant where he ate. I'm not sure of the full details, but I don’t know how someone could forget this. Mistakes can happen I guess. Hope the guy doesn’t get hung out to dry. I remember reading post on here...
  10. AR-15 BCG's in stock at Windham Weaponry $135 plus shipping

    I ordered one last Thursday, I received it today. Thanks.
  11. Effect new CT gun laws have on non-residents

    How do they plan on registering a magazine if there are no serial number or way to specifically identify it? I'd say sorry, lost all my mags.

    Ma is definitely going to try to "one up" the rest.
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