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  1. Flint Armament - Fall River, MA

    Freetown closed a while back. Fall River will close it's doors forever today.
  2. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    I've been in contact with someone already so I should be good. Thanks everyone for stepping up and offering to help!
  3. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    I've received the error on my Kindle, Windows Vista, and Windows 8. Dont have a Mac.
  4. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    Hey all, I need a favor. Does someone have a paper FA-10 form they can mail/scan and email me? I have been trying to use the mass.gov website to do a E-FA10 for a LONG time now and every time I get an error and am told to email the administrator. Well surprise surprise no one actually answers...
  5. N.E.S. Classifieds - some nice stuff

    ****ing brats. Always ruining it for everyone else.
  6. N.E.S. Classifieds - some nice stuff

    It's called Supply and Demand. If you have a problem with it, call Martha.
  7. Home School Q&A

    I'd attend that
  8. Bellyband holsters

    I have this. It showed up in the mail about a week ago, I've been waiting since May. I want to get some more experience with it before I write a full out review but so far I am very impressed. It is not the be all say all to every CCW problem but it is definitely a good option in my opinion. I...
  9. S&W Shield recall?

    Mine's cool.
  10. S&W Shield recall?

    I love Remington UMC Target. The nickle-plated stuff. Its worked great in all my pistols.
  11. S&W Shield recall?

    YO [offtopic] We all know Glocks are cool but I want to know about a possible recall on the S&W Shield. Please update me on that.
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