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  1. Homesteading Skills

    Learn how to brew your own beer! Get free equipment in the Karma:
  2. Let’s see some fire balls

    In case you were expecting an Earth-Shattering 'Kaboom'...
  3. 10+ rounds capacity preban mags or is there a modern gun other than berretta, glock and sig that has preban mags?

    Wouldn't new springs (and possibly a follower plate) take care of that?
  4. Second Amendment supporting Martin's Breads needs our support.

    Costco carries Martin's Potato Buns - best Hamburger Buns hands down. Will stock up...
  5. 2022 Harvard steel dates

    Unfortunately it's Good Friday. Will get out to help you at the next match. Tony P.
  6. Roll Call: 126th Boston Marathon on April 18th

    My misunderstanding. I admit my ignorance. Showed up in my "New Threads" and I don't pay attention to what forum new posts belong to.
  7. Roll Call: 126th Boston Marathon on April 18th

    Probably bitching about traffic then...
  8. Roll Call: 126th Boston Marathon on April 18th

    Running? Going to watch? Bitching about the traffic?
  9. Expecting a package from USPS - might be out of luck.

    Showed my daughter this thread earlier Today. Took the same offramp from the Pike onto 95 and I pointed out the Orange Cones to my smarta$$ 14-YO as we drove by. She started craning around in her seat and I ask her what the hell she was doing. Her: "I'm trying to see over the wall." Me...
  10. Joe Rogan, removed from Spotify

    I'm guessing Spotify got hacked and is affecting the "listings." I'm in the middle of one of the episodes with 'Meat Eater' Steve Rinella - and I can still play that.
  11. Rittenhouse AR-15 rifle will be destroyed.

    Group Buy? Karma? In.
  12. 308 or 6.5 creedmoor

    Is it? I'm holding off on 6.5-everything whatever until the military selects its next round. Uneducated guess is that whatever THAT round is, suddenly every rifle will be available in that caliber, and ammo availability will drift in that direction. Sure 6.5-CM is the future... until it isn't.
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