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  1. SOG Field Pup $17.88 @ Cabelas

    A decent little knife, nothing spectacular but for $17.88 it seems like great deal. Just a tad under 4" cutting edge. Stainless steel with some sort of rubber handle that is pretty comfortable and a half decent leather sheath. Again, not spectacular but pretty darn good for $18. Cabelas in...
  2. Mass shooting @ Baptist church Sutherland Springs, Texas

    That right there is a huge point. No cops were around and even if there were any they have shown over and over again that they lack the desire and ability to do what this guy did. I'm not trying to bash cops but when it's your job vs you are protecting your loved ones and your...
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    The Dems really need Hitlery the loser to go away and she refuses to do it on her own because she wants the attention from her defeat tour as she pushes her book of blame for a few extra dollars. I think they are going to pin her to the wall now to force her to go away. She once ran the deep...
  4. All this "ME TOO" Crap

    Must be all that native blood, makes her hot headed.
  5. 9 year old kicked off football team and game ended for racial slur.

    Yup, nothing like punishing all the kids instead of just the douche who used the bad word. Classic collectivist knee-jerk overreaction that solves nothing and like you said, probably just made it worse for the black kid. - - - Updated - - - Glad you don't use fowl language because I don't...
  6. All this "ME TOO" Crap

    God, I hope she runs in 2020. Trump will play her until her head spins off. He will eat her alive and make her look even worse than Hitlery. The epic meltdowns by her and her minions will be even better than last time.
  7. WaPo: Guntry clubs target a new breed of shooter: younger, more affluent and female

    This is the best way to fight the gun grabbers. By making new gun owners out of people, especially people who don't fit the stereotype of "redneck gun nutt" put out by the left and it's media propaganda legions.
  8. The President Trump Megathread

    It's with Paddock's hard drive.
  9. The President Trump Megathread

    Just waiting for the "John McLame will not be down for breakfast" thread.
  10. Shots fired at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

    They got an award for being able to decoy a dummy? Or are they the dummies? Does DTAC stand for Dummy Tactical? Is that the team that is responsible for sheltering in safe stairwells during a crisis when innocent people are being shot? If so, good job, you performed your task as described.
  11. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Making It ILLEGAL to Stop School Shooting with a gun

    The only way it makes sense is when you remember the liberal agenda, disarm, disarm, disarm. No person with more than one functional brain cell can seriously think this makes kids safer but that is not the end goal. The goal is to find one more place/way to eliminate guns. That is all that...
  12. Kittery Trading Post and C&R FFL

    As usual the CT law is clear as mud. The CT AWB does have a pre-1994 ban exemption which a 50 year old gun obviously would qualify for. It seemed clear enough but I just heard that was tested in court and failed so now I'm not so sure. I haven't had a chance to actually research that case so...
  13. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Making It ILLEGAL to Stop School Shooting with a gun

    Only if you include trigger warnings and there are no microaggressions in it. So much stupid, so little time to rail against it. Remember, self help is frowned upon in nanny states. If they make self defense illegal they remove the argument that guns are needed for self defense.
  14. Kittery Trading Post and C&R FFL

    Yes but still can't buy them in states where they are banned anyway. C&R status doesn't get around state bans.
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