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  1. WTS WTS: Hunting Jackets and Hunting Pants

    I have two hunting jackets which are in good condition One is a Sears, size 46-48, the other is a Duxback size XXL. $10 for each jacket. I also have a like new pair of hunting trousers Rattlers Brand. They are in near perfect condition and have a material on the legs to prevent thorns etc. from...
  2. WTS Evinrude 4hp outboard motor

    This motor has not been used in over 10 years. It has been stored in a dry location indoors. It ran like a top last time it was used. Very smooth and easy to start however it has not been started in a long time. I think it is in good condition. Pictures available for anyone who has intrest. $150...
  3. WTS 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mats Price Drop

    I have a complete set of 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee original equipment car mats. These mats were only used for one week until my after market mats arrived. You may see some foot prints on the mats in the photos but that is from finely ground cement dust which has brushed right off. As stated they...
  4. WTS 3 boxes of .25 Cal. Ammo for $15

    Hello, I have (3) 50 round boxes of .25 caliber ammo for sale. You can have them all for $15 but I will not sell them seperately. The Blazer box has one round missing. Located in RI. Ammo has been stored in my house and has never been exposed to extremities. I agree to follow all applicable...
  5. WTS Primers Large Pistol & Small Rifle Price Reduction Now $75 each if you buy Two.

    I have a sleeve (5000 rounds) of Large Pistol Primers and a sleve of small rifle primers. Both sleeves of Tula primers are still sealed and unopened. I'm moving, so these need to go. Priced just reduced to $100 each. My location is RI and I will not ship. Final price reduction if you buy two...
  6. Moving to RI from MA with an unrestricted LTC. Will I get a carry permit in Tiverton, RI?

    Even if you dont move to RI, you may want to consider geting a nonresident RI license anyway. There is a provision in RI Law which lets out of state residents to apply to whatever Law Enforcement agency they choose. Some PD's in RI are more inclined to issue than others. Just food for thought.
  7. RI Gun Laws

    It is my understanding that Federal Law supercedes State Law. The federal law link which I sent you is designed for people to be able to transport their firearms in interstate transportation in a legal fashion providing that they follow the provisions of the law. Once again I am not a lawyer and...
  8. RI Gun Laws

    You may want to read the following which I believe would apply in your case but once again I'm not a lawyer. 18 U.S. Code § 926A - Interstate transportation of firearms
  9. RI Gun Laws

    I am not a lawyer but I would say you would be legal doing this. You're legal where you are starting and legal at your destination.
  10. "Should I buy a reloading press?" spreadsheet version 0.1

    This is what my costs look like for 9mm. I already have brass which will be reusable once you obtain some. Worth doing in my opinion. The press is a one time investment which will last many years if it's of good quality.
  11. WTS Possom Hollow Quick Case Trimmer and Power Tool adapter for drill

    Bellingham, MA Vicinity This is a Possom Hollow Kwik Case Trimmer (Model KT-1). It can be used to trim 17 Rem., 222, 223, 222 mag. Additionally it includes the Power Adapter which allows an electric drill to power the trimmer. Both the trimmer and adapter are in excellent condition and have...
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