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  1. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    I agree, to the point I endure the abuse from others for having a B.A.D. Lever on all my lowers.
  2. Serious question: what will you do with unconstitutional orders

    I cant speak for other places, but when it came to the Mask mandate, the cops in my city would not get involved in enforcing that bullshit.
  3. Shooting with a RDS.

    I have been carrying this at 3 o'clock IWB since last year. I have heard mixed things about Sig’s optics, but buying this 365XL RX with the optic already mounted was only an extra $90. No problems with either of my sig Romeo optics so far (Romeo Zero and Romeo one). The battery on my p320 has...
  4. Non police carrying retention holsters?

    The Safariland triple retention holsters that most cops and I believe .mil use are good quality but really slow down your draw. Say what you want about the SERPA, it is very fast for a triple retention holster. If they worked with a decent weapon light, I would still be using one.
  5. Get the Rust Off Your Marksmanship Skills: 8 Spots Left

    For you guys asking about gear, at least 4 10 round mags are helpful for the course of fire, if you have them. An open mind is probably the most important item to bring :)
  6. Suppressors

    That’s pretty neat.
  7. Suppressors

    I think it’s a turbo. No adjustable gas block unfortunately.
  8. Bought a Beretta M9

    I have big hands so I always liked shooting the M9. I found the slide release is in the perfect spot for my thumb. The G model conversion that turns the safety/decocker into a decocker only seems like a really good idea.
  9. Suppressors

    Lots of pros, but I will be the odd man out and mention some cons I found regularly shooting a 5.56 10.5 SBR AR with a YHM can. The can gets really hot. I made the mistake of putting the rifle down on my shooting mat after 20-30 rounds and it melted it. Im always cautious letting the rifle hang...
  10. Leatherman Tool & Knife Thread

    I carry this Surge on my Duty belt everyday. I have 2 of them because I lost this one at some point, replaced it and then found it right were my dumb ass left it. I found it fits perfectly in a single Safariland double stack mag pouch. I also have a couple of wingman’s and 2 OG lethermans I...
  11. Room clearing by professionals

    The 42nd ID patch is pretty gay. I was with the One Eight Deuce for a while. Drilled out of Victory Road after I got off Active Duty. It was certainly interesting.
  12. Room clearing by professionals

    I agree, who ever was in charge of the training and the range should be transferred to a weather station in Greenland.
  13. Vermont magazine ban lawsuit update:

    My money is on the Vermont SJC cherry picking that case BECAUSE the defendant was so cringy. The outcome of this case was already predetermined by the SJC when they took the case.
  14. Room clearing by professionals

    Those guys are NOT Climbing to Glory. They were very lucky nobody was shot.
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