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  1. Which State Better for Retirement- NH or ME?

    Yeah it's a variable item that depending on your income breakdown need's to be looked at for retirement planning. If the OP's retirement income plan leans heavily on a conventional pension he needs to look into Maine's tax rate on pensions as compared to someone who has substantial investment...
  2. Which State Better for Retirement- NH or ME?

    No income tax in NH, but there is the interest and dividend tax (think investments). Maine taxes pensions.
  3. Anyone here suffering from the "National Coin Shortage"?

    We have coin (quarter) operated washers and dryers at my campground. The company that owns the machines 60/40 splits the cash with us and maintains the machines. Wife goes to our local bank and gets a $500 box every 3 to 4 weeks during the summer so we can make change. No issues in getting a box...
  4. White Castle (Other's will follow) no longer needs human cooks. AKA another dying breed Humans working

    White Castle on Webster Avenue in the Bronx, back in the early 80's, was the first fast food joint I went in that had bank like security. Plexiglass all around the staffed portion of the restaurant. They took your order thru a microphone and had a slot to pass money, and where the food came...
  5. Trying to stay positive........

    Happy Birthday Kim!!!
  6. Worried about MeganMy

    Glad she perked back up!
  7. Tulsa Oklahoma is now an Indian reservation

    Puts a whole bunch of land titles in eastern Oklahoma into play as well.
  8. Charlie Daniels will not be down to fiddle with the Devil

    Always put on a hell of a show, and didn't change for anyone. RIP
  9. Negative contact with foreign officials

    2003 my company had decided to outsource tech support of some of the older and lower end products. Call center was in Sydney Nova Scotia. But the folks aren't really techies and they needed experienced folks to go up and help them out, provide training. Rush order trip, they ask me on Friday and...
  10. CO Supreme Court rules CO magazine ban constitutional

    Living in rural Colorado, the law is so poorly written it is ignored by the cops. Since there is no way to prove when a magazine was acquired, no way to enforce. My local gun store has sold mag's that were "limited" by a pop rivet in the side. A few seconds with a 5/32 drill and it's no longer...
  11. 2020-2021 Patriots Mega Thread

    Newton has skills (perhaps not a great brain- see Super Bowl 50) and after being cut by the Panthers will have a huge chip on his shoulder and be looking to prove them wrong. Being on a one year deal he'll want to play himself into a better contract. BB has gotten some good production out of...
  12. North Shore guys...don't eat here! They eavesdrop and post private conversation!

    1 star reviews mentioning rats behind the bar... Edit- I went on google reviews and left a bad review- cancel culture can be done by the right as well as the left.
  13. How many on here live in Arizona?

    Colorado is nice outside of the urban front range. That area is crowded and expensive. Jobs can be tough to find, and areas with the best scenery and weather are pricey due to second home owners. All the damn Texans come up here for the summer to get away from the heat, and they come to ski in...
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