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  1. Black Bear Hunting Gun?

    Yeah, I think I'll look into 12-gauge semi-auto slug guns.
  2. Homesteaders, catastrophists run for the hills to flee U.S. uncertainty

    Easy. One of two ways: *Double down on taxation; or *Attempt to attract investment and cut taxes, or at least minimize tax increases. For the opposite, people moving out of rural towns, look at northern NH. The towns with lower taxes like Lancaster and Whitefield are doing a lot better than...
  3. pro 2A meme megathread

    In case anyone wants to know the differences:
  4. Black Bear Hunting Gun?

    Also, NH's hunting abstract is very wide open: a gun bigger than .22LR and .410 or a bow or a crossbow. Semi auto rifles are limited to five rounds:
  5. Black Bear Hunting Gun?

    This is an excuse to buy something unless NH Fish and Game won't mind me using a FAL or a JM Pro.
  6. Black Bear Hunting Gun?

    A friend bought property in a bear-y part of NH. I've always wanted to try hunting bear with hounds. Neither of us have bear hunting experience. Just curious what would be a gun that would be a good fit. I've hunted rabbit with a 20 gauge and beagles and raccoon with hounds and a .22 rifle...
  7. Black Bear Hunting Gun?

    What would be an appropriate gun for hunting black bears with hounds?
  8. AK advice

    Debuted in SHOT 2020. Placeholder for Atlantic's website. [SHOT 2020] Six New Models from Kalashnikov USA -
  9. AK advice

    COUGH KR-103 COUGH KR-103 AK47 Rifle For Sale -
  10. Littleton Mill FFL update

    Judging from the language in G.L. c. 140, s. 131, Mannix, and O'Malley, 35 Mass. App. Ct. 49 (1993), the only two kinds of people who are supposed to have a machine gun license are FFL03s and police instructors. No one else. The problem is c. 140, s. 131 gives deference to the licensing...
  11. Littleton Mill FFL update

    So just to be clear, here's the situation we're talking about: Person A owns a gun shop. Person A hires Person B as an employee of the gun shop. Person B wants to take a machine gun home or wants to transport something from the gun shop to an off-site storage facility but not within the scope...
  12. Littleton Mill FFL update

    I can research this a bit but I need to ask a few probative questions first: *Does a Mass dealer's license cover a specific individual or an organization? For example, if Person A owned Person A's Gun Shop, LLC, would his dealer's license say "Person A" or "Person A's Gun Shop, LLC"? Meaning...
  13. AK advice

    All of the foreign AK makers got started making AKs during the communist era. Kalashnikov Concern (Izhmash), FB Radom, Cugir (WASR), Zastava, and Arsenal. I think all of these gun makers pre-date communism, too. Communism paid for the R&D to know how to make a quality AK. We're not paying those...
  14. Steyr L9-A2 MF

    I don't find the sights distracting. IRL or on the clock, you'd want to be focusing on the target. The front sight is good for that because I plant the triangle in the target. The closest I've gotten to using this pistol in a more realistic situation was sniping clays on a berm at about ten...
  15. pro 2A meme megathread

    Karl's "Waffen SS on the Eastern Front" haircut is meme-worthy in and of itself. He based the InRange smock on a Waffen SS smock, has a SS haircut, and drives a VW Thing done up like a Kubelwagen...
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