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  1. reasonable transfer fee north shore

    Precision Point in Woburn is the place to go. Did a transfer last week. $20, great guy, and smooth transfer.
  2. School me about Woburn Sportsmen's Association

    Any updates on the improved action shooting at Woburn sportsmen? I know they have the monthly match and have the idpa practices, which I've heard good things about. how about just regular member usage though? Do they now allow drawing from the holster? Steel target setups? Are the outdoor...
  3. S&W mp 15-22 question

    What kind of muzzle brake do you have on yours? I just bought the Kineti Tech adapter too, and was thinking about the Michulek muzzle brake, but am worried it might look weird due to the adapter's width and then how the Michulek brake is narrow at the beginning. Do you have any pics of yours...
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