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  1. 22 States Where You Could Lose Your License for Not Paying Your Student Loans

    I'm all for manning up and paying your own debt but this is stupid. Massachusetts isn't exactly keeping it secret that it will pull your license for just about anything. All they want is the reinstatement fee out of you.
  2. House exploding from gas leak

    actually believe it of not it was probably the safest place to put it. natural gas will only ignite if it is between 5-15% atmosphere the hole with the leaking pipe had a very high % of gas so there was not enough oxygen for it to ignite but if he were to walk away to the edge of the gas cloud...
  3. 4th amendment violation

    read an article posted to FB from Worcester PD about how they found a gun on a 17 year old but while reading the article the whole thing seemed dirty, kid walking down the street "looking suspicious" then gets stopped frisked and gets his bag taken and searched. then find this survey online...
  4. House exploding from gas leak

    THIS, I used to work as a private contractor for Natural gas companies checking the pipes for leaks. People would ask me how often I found leaks. My standard response was, "if I don't find one in the first hour I stop and check my equipment" People think I am nuts for pulling the gas lines and...
  5. Experiences with log homes

    I lived in a log cabin for about 4 years. I would say skip it. First thing I would warn you about it carpenter bees. if you like spending you free time on a ladder with a calking gun filling holes in your house go for it. They are also a bitch to do any kind of remodeling, they are never square...
  6. Car accident - Who's at fault?

    if she was in reverse its pretty cut and dry she's at fault, sorry man
  7. Tips and ideas to slow down an intruder?
  8. Zombies and tracers

    it just occurred to me that I can save 15% in 15 minutes by switching to geico
  9. "American Sniper" Movie

    loved the book, it has my attention I like Copper and Eastwood has yet to let me down.
  10. Noob voting question

    from what i could find the only thing on the ballot with two is baker or fisher for Gov everything else was one or nothing. I was thinking about writing myself in for DA for shits n giggles
  11. Instructor Killed in AZ by 9 year old firing an Uzi

    this is a horrible thing to happen. I can only imagine the horror that poor little girl went through and the parents watching. While I feel bad as well for the instructor loosing his life this is 100% on him. This is a instructor fail to the fullest effect. I have no problem with the age of the...
  12. Another fruitcake wanting history rewritten

    Time to home school.
  13. Hiroshima and Nagasaki apologists

    I apologize for nothing
  14. And this guy is alive, why?

    I'll donate the bullet, let me know if nobody can come up with the gun and somebody to pull the trigger
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