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  • please mail me the following

    1. Your handle and full name and address

    2. # of pins desired (should match whats on the thread)

    3. Total money for all pins

    4. A stamped envelope with your address on it for me to mail you the pins back in

    Mail to

    Mark Fay

    769 Paine RD.

    North Attleboro Ma. 02760

    If you Don't send exact change I will do my best to record your change and mail it back to you with your pins. If you mail a check I am going to cash it before I place the order, My plan is to deposit all the cash in the bank then place the order on my debit card right after.

    To help the math impaired

    1. $2.59

    2. $5.18

    3. $7.77

    4. $10.36

    5. $12.95

    6. $15.54

    10. $25.90

    Thanks again I am very happy with the huge interest in the pins
    Hey there,

    Saturday Morning will work just fine. My address is 61 Spring St in leicester. Cell # is 508 989 6003. My name is Jeff

    See you then
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