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  1. Thoughts on CZ Shadow 2 SA

    Buy the optics ready and convert it to SAO. Cheaper to buy an SAO trigger and parts than to mill the slide or buy another upper.
  2. Falling steel harvard

    what's expected to be a volunteer RO? can anyone volunteer?
  3. Who wants a 500 S&W Lever Action Carbine?

    you'll wait just as long for a sig mcx pistol straight from their pro shop... ask me how I know...
  4. Falling steel harvard

    curious, why is the start position low ready muzzle on the table, why not draw from holster like steel challenge? not throwing shade at all, legit just curious.
  5. Has Anyone Used Federal Syntech 9mm Luger Ammo 150 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket Ammo?

    very soft shooting. it's basically sub sonic 150gr 9mm. It groups like shit out of my legion though, which is a pretty common complaint if you check Enos forums. there is a 115gr and 124gr options too. I now use the 12 syntech, since my Legions seem to like that weight the best. also...
  6. Sig Sauer Question

    so it has the apex flat trigger? does it have the apex trigger bar and over travel tube? it's easy to swap out parts. I installed the apex bar and keres trigger on my x5 following same video. you can buy factory parts online. shouldn't set you back too far. or trade the parts out to...
  7. Massachusetts Democrats seek to ban parts that could be used to make suppressors

    what holes? oh dem holes there? tayshawn always had dem holes. edit... if that sounded racist then swap in Kyle or tanner or whoever you picture in that scene...
  8. Massachusetts Democrats seek to ban parts that could be used to make suppressors

    if the gun is perfectly silenced, how would we know there was a crime?
  9. David Hogg’s Anti-Gun Campaign ‘Fades Into Darkness’ As Millennials Embrace Second Amendment

    not guilty. if someone really wanted to troll him, they'd deep fake "daisy" into some gang bang porn...
  10. Women only basic gun courses ?

    sig academy has women only handgun 101 classes. my sister took it and said it was really good. you get a discount at the pro shop too and class include rental of firearms and ammo.
  11. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    my box came with 3 12ga slugs in a zip lock baggie
  12. Shooting on your own property in NH

    I'm on 18 acres, but it's mostly wetlands. need to figure out where I can build up a berm...
  13. P320 Mag Shortage 10rnd full size mags in stock
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