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  1. WTS Glock Gen 3 Full Size Loaded Frames - 17/17L/22/24/31/34/35/37 - $325 OBO

    Location : Reading Description : (2) Excellent condition Glock Gen 3 standard sized frames. All Glock OEM parts, including OEM extended magazine release, extended slide catch and 3.5# connector installed. Accessories : Magazines may be available, depending on caliber, for an additional cost...
  2. Baker Follows Feds on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    Guys, I reached out to Adam Kraut. He’s dropping lawsuits on a bunch of states addressing this BS. He’s asking for potential list of people that have an LTC but don’t have a gun OR have a gun, but no ammo for it.
  3. Digital 2m/70cm

    I've been thinking of picking up a DMR HT myself, seems like there's high adoption rate here in eastern MA. Not so much D-STAR or NXDR. https://www.amazon.com/TYT-136-174MHz-400-480MHz-Programming-Software/dp/B073JRTBPN
  4. Digital 2m/70cm

    Not a real response... care to elaborate?
  5. Please help a new (old) HAM with first equipment

    I chose the Kenwood TX480SAT for my first rig. Gave me the flexibility I was looking for and is all-mode from 6M down. Was also on sale this past summer at HRO, so I couldn't pass it up. Have it plugged into a laptop and added an SDR IF panadapter from that eBay dude.
  6. NES Community regional NET?

    No joy hitting the Paxton repeater using a Baofeng GT3-WP with a Nagoya 771 @ 5W. Will try again using a more substantial, stationary antenna and report back. What rig/setup are you using to hit Paxton from Quincy? I'm toying with the idea of picking up a DMR HT since that seems to be the...
  7. NES Community regional NET?

    Just a thought: if we were to post to the member forum, or even the general forum that we were considering an NES net, I bet we'd get more interest, and introduce more people to HAM radio.
  8. NES Community regional NET?

    I know, but I thought we were talking about SSB? I doubt people want to run a CW net, unless everyone is set up for digital.
  9. NES Community regional NET?

    I'm about 50mi from Paxton, will try to hit the repeater tonight.
  10. NES Community regional NET?

    I can do HF, but I have to upgrade my ticket to General to be legit on 80M.
  11. NES Community regional NET?

    There are local New England nets that are running on 2m and 70cm (VHF & UHF). This lowers the cost of entry significantly (read: a Baofeng HT for around $50 on Amazon). Check out the net repeaters list here - http://www.nerepeaters.com/nets.htm We could use the MMRA net on a specified day and...
  12. 55 miles with BAOFENG F8HP !!!

    Do you have a power meter handy? I bought 2 different model Baofeng "HP" 8W radios during Amazon Prime day, both turned out to be a re-labeled 5W models.
  13. +1 HAM TECH

    Just got back from taking the test with BARS (Billerica). Didn't opt to take the General, have a 3 month old to contend with. Now off to Amazon buy a 12 pack of Baofengs to mess with. [grin]
  14. What does this election mean for gun owners?

    I was just about to ask about this... [smile] [popcorn]
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