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  1. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    So where does this leave someone facing trial for disregarding some other law? Can the accused go with "Yeah, well, I knew it (whatever he/she is accused of) was the law of the Land, knew it been affirmed by the highest legal authority in the country as being the law of the land, but like our...
  2. Lake City ammo plant allegedly to stop sales of excess M855 to civilian market

    Fascinating subject. Thanks for bringing this up. A lot of reading about center of gravity and center of pressure available online, some of it an uneducated guy like me could actually understand. appears we do agree the most accurate bullets manufactured do indeed by design have the...
  3. Lake City ammo plant allegedly to stop sales of excess M855 to civilian market

    I'm pretty sure Open Tip Match bullets are a thing because they do better with core to the back.
  4. Black Helicopters over Narragansett no markings not on FlightAware

    Logged on NES couple days back. Next day I'm fishing, a ways offshore, black helicopter flies low over boat. Coincidence? I think not.
  5. Practice Ammo VS Hunting Ammo 7MM Rifle

    Obviously different loads will print different groups out of different guns, and totally agree on the need to recheck zero at your destination with the ammo you intend to hunt with. I think however the major performance advantage of the super premium ammo is not how it flies, in fact the major...
  6. Practice Ammo VS Hunting Ammo 7MM Rifle

    Shoot it. There will/ might be some measurable amount of difference POI in different loads @ 200 with 7mm Mag, but I doubt you can buy "bad" ammo for it. It's not like you can get steel case surplus or anything. Better off to shoot more, and more ammo, from various hunting positions affordably...
  7. Advice for heavy recoiling bolt actions?

    "Reduced" or "Managed" recoil ammo is available. available as anything else these days I guess.
  8. Marlin 336 or go with a new Marlin 1895?

    Unless I'm going to sit a power line it's the 336 that goes, every time. Pleasure to carry and quick to the shoulder. Does have a Fastfire 3 on top now...worn out eyes and all.
  9. Anyone try this scope athlon helos-btr-1-4-5x24-atsr3-sfp-ir-moa/

    Update... been hitting it hard the last few days and it's going fairly well. Actually using more black pasters than white for a change. Anyhoo...on the scope front....... this not a bad all, if I didn't get the last one. Vortex Optics Viper PST Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 1-4x 24mm 1/2 MOA
  10. Anyone try this scope athlon helos-btr-1-4-5x24-atsr3-sfp-ir-moa/

    I dunno. I've been eyeing this and the other piece of Chinesium. Even watched the you tube review by the guy who did a decent job except for the fact he appears to have absolutely no idea. Just when I'm ready to buy I start thinking "Just go for the 1.5 k know it's what you...
  11. Striker Fire or Hammer Fired for EDC?

    And after you've become proficient with that one buy the other kind and shoot the shit outta that one too. If it ever happens the balloon goes up other kind might be the one lying around on the
  12. Striker Fire or Hammer Fired for EDC?

    I dunno. I made the switch to striker solely cause single action pistols were not allowed in a division in one of the sports. I figger if I going to draw, shoot, reload and reholster a gun about thousand billion times every day of my frickin life might as well carry one or one very similar. I'm...
  13. Leupold launches DeltaPoint Micro

    All the RDS provides is a point of different than irons. You still have to perform the same manipulations required to get it there and hold it there steady whilst you jerk the shit out of the trigger. The fellow who hasn't and doesn't work on the basics regularly is going to be in...
  14. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

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