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  1. Taylor Swift- Socialist Shill

    I have a list of annoying female celebrities and she is #1. Every time I hear her music playing somewhere my vision goes blurry and my head wants to explode. Girl has 100’s of songs and 99% of them is “wah poor me I got my heart broke waaaah” Girl is 28 and has had more heartbreak in her life...
  2. Begging

    My son joined Cubscouts this year, he is 6. I m 36 and it sure has changed a lot sense I was in scouts. I was in from Cubs through Life Scout at 18. The popcorn is ridiculous and for the most part sucks. I know a good part of the money goes back to them instead of paying dues. I would rather pay...
  3. Sleeping pad recommendations

    I like my Thermarest pad as far as the functionality of it and ease of use it’s just not enough padding for my not so old but seriously messed up back. The Exped mat isn’t self inflating but came with a inflating bag. It actually inflates pretty quickly with the bag. Only takes a couple mins. It...
  4. NHF&G Boat Trailer Stolen During Rescue Operation

    Of course the D bag is from MA
  5. Sleeping pad recommendations

    Got the pad, seems very comfortable and a huge improvement over my Thermarest Prolite self inflating. Going to sleep on it tomorrow night. I was happily surprised it came with a inflation bag sense most others you have to buy one separately.
  6. Engine machinest in central MA?

    Not too far, thanks. I will give them a call
  7. Engine machinest in central MA?

    Building a Jeep and am thinking of stroking the stock 4.0 rather than doing a v8 swap. Anyway know of a good engine shop in central MA that can bore a block? I am not active on any Jeep forums other than Pirate 4x4.
  8. I don't believe it.

  9. Gender Reveal Party doesn't mix well with Tannerite

    People and there reveal parties... they need to get a life. No one cares. Have a barbecue or go to dinner and tell the 4 people in your life that give a damn. Just another way to suck gifts out of people
  10. Sleeping pad recommendations

    I ordered an Exped xp7 insulated pad. Supposedly it’s rated to 1degree. I will post a review after I get and try it.
  11. I don't believe it.

    That some kind of [email protected]@cago gang sign?
  12. Can you ID these guns?

    Is it the pic or do the last 3 rounds on the right look like aluminum cased 40? Nothing good comes from carrying 40
  13. Bowling Alley Owner Killed In Pin Setting Machine Mishap

    Never heard of LOTO? Idiot
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