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  1. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    My LTC expired in Sep of this year. Called Boston PD in Mar to schedule an appointment, but they were so backed up, the earliest they could interview me was Aug 22. They're really backed up which to me is a good sign that there's a lot more law biding gun owners in the city now. Anyway...
  2. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    My LTC is coming up for renewal in a year (expires in 9/19), which means I'll need to start the process in about 6 months if not a little sooner. I'm one of the lucky ones who have been issued an unrestricted LTC in Boston. Has anyone with a previously unrestricted LTC go through the renewal...
  3. StormLake Caliber Conversion Barrels - Thumbs Up!

    Very impressed with these SL barrels. I have a 9mm conversion in my MP40c. Very accurate and the fit is near perfect. My particular gun has actually been more reliable as a 9mm than a 40sw.
  4. Henry 44

    I wanted the 20 inch blue steel version, but all I could find was the regular brass receiver Big Boys with the heavy octagonal barrels. Of the two, I went with the lighter, more handier carbine version. No complaints other than it seems a bit flashy as a woods gun.
  5. Digging the S&W 69 and 66-8

    I will be getting the 2.75" Model 66 as soon as they are available. Been seeing them in the catalogs, but haven't seen them in shops yet.
  6. Blue Northern Trading - Going Out Of Business Sale Today, Tomorrow, and Saturday

    A real shame we're losing another long standing store. They're a bit out of the way for me, but I've made a few trips there over the last few years. Picked up a really nice Ruger MKII the last time. One of the few places I could count on to be open on Sundays when I was bored.
  7. Henry rifles

    Yeah. Henry rifles are great. Purchased the Big Boy carbine in .44 last summer. Very satisfied with it thus far. If there's any gripe, they don't come sling ready. It took a little bit before I could find a decent one that didn't require drilling into the stock. Finally settled on the...
  8. A sad tale - hazing/suicide

    He should have been charged and removed after the second offense. This did not need to have happened. I imagine the shortage in man power had some something to do with this. Not to mention the laziness to do the paperwork to process him out. They probably had the mentality that they were doing...
  9. A 92-year-old veteran stops intruder

    For an older gent, he sure has a very modern, state of the art gun. When I saw the headline, I thought maybe he had an old GI 1911 from his service days or something. Good for him.
  10. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

    The one in the upper left is a 10mm Delta Elite I bought back in Mar of '94. The Gold Cup was bought brand new a few months later. It started out life as one of their "Enhanced" models from that period in the early '90s, but I never really liked that style with the GCs. This past year, I sent...
  11. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

  12. If you own a Dog, Please Read This.....

    Thanks for the head's up. I'm pretty sure bloodwork is part of the normal routine whenever I bring my dogs in for their annuals, but looking for it the next time.
  13. Holbrook Sportsmen's Club May 2nd & 3rd

    Picked up a cheap RIA 1911 as a base gun for an upcoming project. Thought it was a little better than the Plymouth show.
  14. Plymouth Ma. April 25th & 26th

    Well, if it's really killing you to know, one was a rail model, another was an XSE. Doesn't take a genious to notice these were new guns here.
  15. Plymouth Ma. April 25th & 26th

    Went to kill some time today. Didn't think it was a very great show. Other than a little bit of beef jerky, I didn't come away with anything today. One dealer had some nice Colt 1911s, but didn't get a chance to handle them as he had a crowd around the display wanting to do the same thing. They...
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