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  1. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

    greg yes. Very nice guy. no no no no to Santurri. He cuts corners and was not pleased at all with the 2011 work he did. Shame on him. Never will send a penny his way.
  2. Looking for a good small revolver

    586 l comp is a nice heavy revolver but does it shoot flat with 7 rounds of 38/357. Great da on the one example I had for a while.
  3. The Springfield Armory XD-E line is Dead......

    You have an uncanny resemblance from your profile picture 😂
  4. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    probably aarp sponsored buffet at golden corall
  5. SOLD Sold. Zev z19 oz9c Citadel

    Sold delete please
  6. WTS Lowered $, 11/10. Mpx sig gen 2 9mm

  7. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    Hopkington and harvard both top notch clubs.
  8. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    Oh goodie. Gives me an excuse to buy another gun.
  9. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    Guys guys you need to read the original post. 🙃 see above
  10. The Springfield Armory XD-E line is Dead......

    hellcat with optic ready makes the xde useless. i like the xde single stack for easy concealment and +1 on mags w extension so I can get 10+1. i won’t win the masses but I love the ltt version of the xde.
  11. The Springfield Armory XD-E line is Dead......

    I heard the xde stock is horrendous the ltt really changed my mind. I love mine. i carry one in the chamber hammer down and have done some drills with double taps first shot da and it’s great. I don’t think I’d say the same with a stock xde. they are hard to come by and I saw this deal and...
  12. The Springfield Armory XD-E line is Dead......

    Ltt xde option is pretty nice. Takes a bit getting used to reminds of shooting a high bore axis sig 226. nice To have da - decocker as an option.
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