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  1. Have you gotten your M1 Garand yet?

    like others here i question the premise of the op's question. i should buy a firearm i think .gov won't ban????
  2. Interest in free range brass?

    i seem to remember talk here of a brass buyer/seller website in mass. can someone refresh me on that? my club has a s**t-ton of brass (no mud-straight from the concrete pad) we really could do without. probably 90ish% once fired. interested in doing a project to sort and sell for the benefit...
  3. To Harley or not to Harley?

    i rarely comment on bike threads, as i never owned one. ridden a few times on some of my brother's bikes. this is a stock photo of the first one i rode. bought brand new, '71 superglide. i seem to recall the price around $1500. hagerty lists excellent condition @ 18K, concours quality @...
  4. Man who keeps getting arrested for attacking people downtown is arrested again for role in attacking somebody downtown

    downtown crossing. been a pit after 9ish P.M for over 2 decades
  5. What ammo shortage?

    if he was an nes member, do you think this would be a story? boss to workers--"put those boxes in my truck"
  6. A reasonably-priced box of Federal HST 9mm - or sex with Elizabeth Hurley - (which will I get first??)....

    no friggin way i'd sell any ammo now. did an inventory 2 weeks ago, about 11K rounds, 40% of that is .22 i know i'm a light-weight by NES standards, thats why i look at every round as a necessity, not a commidty
  7. Any weber experts

    no suggestions, best of luck getting it resolved. just happy to see a post not started by reptile [party]
  8. Shooting at Amazon Warehouse Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

    you're wasting your bold face allotment. you know no liberal person, corporation, professional sport organization, or main stream media will ever address the hypocrisy
  9. Shooting at Amazon Warehouse Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

    "going postal" will soon be renamed
  10. Leftwing mob turns on David Hogg when he denounces violence

    nobel peace prize forthcoming? obama got one for "future accompilshments"
  11. What Caliber for Stink Bugs?

  12. Village Sports, No more transfers.

    shooting supply is my go-to for anything firearms related. (although they were selling single rolls of TP for a time during the shortage)
  13. Car show help or ideas from my friends

    second your wife's idea. drive , enjoy, park every so often. the enthusiasts will find you and give you ideas
  14. What’s That In My Foot?

    or don't put your fist through a windshield [banghead]
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