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  1. Funerals during the pandamic

    mrs boscru is a chaplain at a nursing home. lot of tough decisions to make. this is a catholic based facility. holy week, etc. not counting the regular (non-covid) deaths of residents. very tough times for all. 😢
  2. Who's shooting, who's not shooting???

    took advantage of range still opened. (ames). turned out i had a private range. figured after the sun came out, at least 2-3 cars in the lot. nope. empty. although it was nice, i would prefer to have at least a few folks besides myself
  3. Hopefully this virus breaks the nasty habit of some cashiers

    not really worried about OP's concerns, but i have my own as long as we're onto the subject. i'm a bit of a germophobe, have been all my life. no, not howard hughes type of phobia, but watching bartenders for years squeezing a lime into a corona always makes me wonder where their fingers have...
  4. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    unfortunately i cannot post what i would like to say. [banghead][banghead][banghead]
  5. What are your Post-Covid Plans...?

    simple pleasure--burger & beer at the local pub. then re-schedule that trip to nebraska for my oldest brother's 80th bday (was set for a surprise party on 4-18-20) plan was myself & my sister just showing up. we haven't all been together at one time since our mom died in 2000. when...
  6. America Stress-Bought All the Baby Chickens

    i need cows & pigs. 'cause steak, but more important, BACON
  7. Replace outside water Faucet, that is stuck on

    i can do a lot of stuff, but sweating copper pipe is not one of them. tried & failed, rinse & repeat 3-4 times. shark bites are my friend
  8. Treating your yard for ticks?

    woke up yesterday AM to find a tick on my forearm, already starting to burrow in. got the head out according to my personal, and free, NP i should be okay. bacitracin and dressing recommended, along with no more self-surgery to remove any remaining pieces [rofl] i consider myself a decent...
  9. Social Security recipients not eligible for Corona Virus Stimulus payments?

    i'm in the same situation, though not looking for a handout.. I'm 64 and took SS early. not for everyone, but made sense in our case. (mrs. SS will be more than double mine when she takes it). I'm still working, taking a hit now, but enough reserves to carry on. don't need the stimulus...
  10. Northeast Shooters 15th Anniversary

    nice to see all the low number folks on this thread. i'm#40111, joined feb 2013. got my LTC in 2012. grew up in dorchester in the '60's, no exposure to firearms. thought about it in the 90's, took a course and never did anything. finally turned the corner, and have learned more on NES...
  11. Kristin fisher or Dana Perino ?

    bingo for me. that was my first thought, glad i read through the thread, didn't want to post a dupe
  12. Gun Club closure megathread

    no offense intended, but this is the gun club closure thread. the original thread on this turned into a total s**t show. that said, ames R & P is open to members as of now, no organized shoots, meetings, work parties. health safety cautions in place. i will update immediately if this changes
  13. A moment of silence...

    yeah i've seen those, never saw one that was actually related to the topic. but i certainly get the total boredom part
  14. Panic buying at Shooting Supply in Westport, Ma. today.

    noted both SS & VS "declined to speak with the standard times". good for them
  15. Run out and buy one.

    well i hated the concept when i first saw it (saw my first 'vette at about 7-8 yrs old,'64ish). finally got my C4 20 years ago but the more i see the more i like it. unfortunately, my cash-out refinance is on hold due to the rates. [rofl]
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