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  1. Massachusetts Lowe's Home Improvement Gun Owner Drops his magazine while smashing the Shoplifters Head, driver gets away

    Even better choice is to mind your own business and walk away. Companies like Lowes just write off the shoplifting losses as "shrinkage" and pass the cost onto the consumer via price increases. Doesnt seem to affect their bottom line much. If you come forward as a witness, you will have to...
  2. Help Me Narrow Down My CCW Choices. Pick Out Your Most Hated.

    My wife uses the Glock 19 Gen4. I use the Glock 26 Gen4. Both are excellent handguns if you want a 9mm. We have restricted MA LTCs and use these weapons for home defense purposes, not concealed carry, but the Glock 26 is a subcompact that conceals easily under even light summer clothing.
  3. Divorce

    I never registered a gun with any state that I ever lived in and I never will. FA10 is registration, correct? Why is this necessary, unless the end of the long game is confiscation. Why give big brother information that will only be used against you at some point in time? If my LTC or my wife's...
  4. Speer Gold Dot Self Defense Ammo?

    No, we are just using what works well for us. No need to spend excessively to get ammo that performs adequately.
  5. Speer Gold Dot Self Defense Ammo?

    This is what we use. Accurate, reliable and affordable. Gives excellent performance out of my wife's Gen4 Glock 19 and my Gen4 Glock 26.
  6. Divorce

    Older son is in Minnesota, working as an office clerk for a collection law firm. The other is still in Illinois, doing HVAC work. The trust was inked in Florida by a Florida attorney, since we own a townhouse there. MA courts would not have jurisdiction.
  7. Divorce

    That is why my wife and I set up irrevocable trusts to protect our two sons. Let's just say that their choices in women are questionable. Divorce happens, they will own what is acquired together. The trust's were specifically designed as a framework to protect their future inheritance after we...
  8. Divorce

    Did you lose your MA LTC permanently because of the jail time your liar ex wife stuck you with? I did a few days in a California jail back in the 1980s on a false arrest for carrying a perfectly legal knife. The judge dropped the charges but I still had to list the arrest and court appearance on...
  9. Divorce

    You know, that is some damned good advice. Leave a few inexpensive, easily-replaceable guns "on the table", sort of speak, for her lawyer to grab or the police to confiscate via 209A Restraining Order. Rent a storage locker out of state for a while and keep the good guns there, along with the...
  10. NYC Pols Want Consequences For Kids Caught With Guns

    They already nailed one of their NY Super Bowl football superheroes years ago. Plaxico Burriss. 2.5 years for illegal possession of a .40 caliber Glock handgun. He did the Canned Heat song. He went ""up the country" to a prison in Oneida.
  11. New from Springfield Armory ... SA-35

    Yawn...nothing new. Weapons expert Peter G. Kokalis did a review of the Hungarian FEG version of the HP35 in the November 1989 issue of SOF magazine. He described it is a faithful recreation, right down to the fine details and very accurate and reliable, at an affordable price point. What we...
  12. Buy an Calif LTC

    Thank you. Wasn't sure of the town.
  13. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    He may get found not guilty. The four black punks who were shot and seriously wounded during the New York "subway vigilante" case in the mid-1980s all had extensive, violent, juvenile criminal records in NYC.
  14. Buy an Calif LTC

    There was some small town New Mexico department that was, for a fee, swearing in bodyguards from out of state as reserve deputies so they would have LEOSA status and be able to carry in NYC, NJ, Hawaii, MA and other notorious anti-gun jurisdictions without having to acquire state concealed...
  15. Wakefield LTC Court case

    I researched the entire NES website and the only LTC denial victory that I found in Wakefield was won by a Mr. Ahmadov. Everyone else, including a doctor, lost in court. At least 3 or 4 losses and one victory. Not good at all!
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