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  1. So bizarre...

    Snapping turtles come out about now. Some people are scared of turtles.
  2. Diving for treasure

    That's because they're already buttered.
  3. Buying out of State to avoid MA trigger?

    If it's on the MA approved roster, then it has a MA trigger.
  4. Amica Insurance Is Anti Gun

    It's NOT on the NRA list.
  5. .22 Bullseye Pistol Help

    I wouldn't bother with an ergonomic grip until you've been shooting long enough to know how to properly carve it so it matches your natural point of aim. If you prefer a heavy gun, Ruger. If you have big hands, a Smith 41. If you prefer a smaller grip, lighter gun, go for an old High Standard...
  6. OK, now I get it. All this "Buy a GLOCK" talk is like snipe hunting!!! What a POS

    Can't be. If that was the case, it would happen to all Glock owners.
  7. Reply in another forum

    They weren't very big on safety back then.
  8. a cure for shooter fatigue?

    Simple. When you're shooting well, continue practicing. When you start shooting bad, stop.
  9. A day at the beach~

    People should either harden up, or keep their clothes on.
  10. Photo Blog - WWII Collection (Pacific War) - Amazing pictures

    Picture 97 is my father's boat. LCT 1049 I sent him the link.
  11. Semi going full auto?

    It's a pistol. This happens often with target guns. The trigger gets out of adjustment, or the breech face gets worn down and they double, or can expend the whole mag. No big deal. Just re-adjust the trigger, or fix the breech face.
  12. Enlightening day at the range

    Gotta try a few before you buy... PM me when the next time you go to MRA and I'll see if I can get up there so you can try an M&P9 with Apex trigger.
  13. Glock to hold big press conference at 2011 Shot Show

    Yup. Probably some sort of abuseble carbine.
  14. ~ DALEY IS ANNOYED . . .

    Stop trying to befuddle the bureaucrats. They don't think that way. ~Oh, and I'm gonna guess Jack Nicholson.~
  15. goldenrod dehumidifiers

    Yup. It raises the dew point. You need a desiccant also.
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