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  1. Happy Thanksgiving NES Family

    I want to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my NES family. I want you all to be safe and happy and healthy. Take time to be with your loved ones, and to remember those loved ones that have passed on. Keep them all alive and with us by honoring their traditions and their memories with all...
  2. Big bore old school rifles.

    I think as a sort of bucket list purchase, I am going to place the order for a Big Horn Armory lever action 500. I may even order the .460 as well so I can run 45 colt, .454 Casull, and .460.
  3. Big bore old school rifles.

    Hello, Who else loves old school big bore rifles? I am looking for someone to help me learn to shoot and actually be able to hit what I am aiming at. I am trying to shoot open sights only and at mostly 50 yards but occasionally 100 yards if I can. I am a long time member of my local range but...
  4. 50 ae load data

    Try looking up this website. I have had excellent luck with the available data. Well worth the annual fee.
  5. Gun show in Marlborough

    I went early this morning. At 9:15 the line was around the building and down the side parking lot. That being said it did move fairly quickly after the rescue and ambulance services cleared the front area. Not sure what happened but guessing some kind of medical emergency. For me it was good...
  6. Gun show in Marlborough

    Is the show in Middleborough going on this weekend? Anybody going? This is just an excuse for me to get out and about today.
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  10. Glock 21 or 1911 - which one should I buy?

    Don't buy either one OP, you made the statement that you don't want anyone to think you are one of the poors. This tells us that whatever your about to pick is going to be for all the absolute wrong reasons anyway. When you make a choice based on what you want other people to think of it, you...
  11. Happy 4th of July to all my NES family

    Happy 4th to you all! Be safe. Make good choices. Take care of each other.
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