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  1. Would you clear a squib this way?

    Hard pass. A new glock barrel is far cheaper than hand surgery.
  2. Preferred 5.56 SBR length

    Do you ever plan on sticking a can on it? If not go 11.5" or more. I have a true MK18 upper from DD and its great. I have a hodge podge of parts in 10.5" and its less reliable (DD alters the gas port on the barrel). My favorite rifle is 11.5" BCM.
  3. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    Look up ‘soaking’ Thank me later. Have it on good authority that the kids actually do this.
  4. Four Seasons Website Down Works for me!
  5. How much do you need for retirement

    Shut up is the one everyone struggles with. All the young kids think they have revolutionary ideas, know how to fix all the issues, and complain way too much. Keep your head down and do the work.
  6. How much do you need for retirement

    The real barrier to retirement is always medical. Insurance is stupid expensive if you have money and don’t have a job and are not 66(?). Lots of folks here supporting their adult children as well. Everyone is either waiting for their kids to get kicked off the insurance or Medicare to kick in...
  7. How much do you need for retirement

    This is very accurate. No real financial advisors want to work with clients with net worth below seven figures. And if they do they are just insurance peddlers. It’s really not that hard to manage a 401k, IRA, etc. Advisors are only worth it when you achieve high net worths and are trying to...
  8. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    Remember when they tried to re-brand this place to the "Natick Collection"? Pepperidge Farms Remembers.
  9. SBR's in MA for dummies (me)

    Ive never had this issue, but honestly if they goof they can correct it, cross it out, do it some place else. Its annoying, may be ugly, but perfectly fine. Also - no one has ever once asked me to see paperwork, engraving, stamp so unless you plan on doing something illegal I wouldn't stress.
  10. SBR's in MA for dummies (me)

    I never bothered with a trust. There is no one I would name in my trust other than myself, and if I die I don't really care what happens to my guns. I'm sure there is some other reasons to have one, but none that have affected me. I also operate under the assumption that tagging a gun with a...
  11. Have you ordered from? Update 10/22

    If you use a credit card there's not a ton of risk... a headache sure, but you can still do a chargeback.
  12. The Edge Lab up and running

    Do you sharpen kitchen knives? We have about 6 or 8 in varying lengths that need tuneups. Primarily Wusthof.
  13. EDC flashlight recommendations

    Depends on definition of EDC I guess. Can’t pocket this light, agreed. I keep mine in a pack that is with me 95+% of the time. In the car, at work, at home. But convoy makes other smaller options. Just pushing the brand
  14. EDC flashlight recommendations

    Convoy C8+ is an awesome torch. Takes an 18650 rechargeable. You basically get to design your own light - Tons of options for LED's based on throw and color. Mode selection (lots of variable modes or just high/med/low). Plenty of lens caps in case you need a red light. Lots of color choices...
  15. What are must haves for a good club?? Considering starting a club.

    A small fee means people would actually show up- even if its $5 or $10 an hour. Otherwise you'll just have folks reserving slots all the time and not using it. Highly discounted for members- or members get X slots per year with their membership or something to that effect.
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