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  1. I'm Saving A Boat Load at Dick's on Shotgun Shells

    Rio's shot like garbage in my moss 930 wouldn't but then again. Probably wouldn't have an issue in a pump.
  2. Randolph, MA?

    Not necessarily the case in brockton, myself and three of my friends received our LTC's with no restrictions within the last three years. I got mine in exactly 8 weeks.
  3. Fall Turkeys

    I'm hoping to get out a few days this year for my first hunt, see how it goes. Good luck
  4. Turkey hunting

    The gun came with a "turkey" choke. I forget the number it has for a restriction
  5. Turkey hunting

    So I am going to attempt to do some turkey hunting this year, I'm pretty sure I have all my "basic" needs ( yes even the silly green sticker ). My question is what size shot are you guys using? I think the abstracts said numbered shot between 4 and 7. I've been practicing with number 7 because...
  6. Fish pics

    They are very convenient. Only thing I added was an anchor trolley system, any slight wind blows you around and it's great in rivers to position yourself where you want
  7. Fish pics

    Actually very comfortable, it's my first kayak and it's a lot more stable than I expected . I'm sure the more expensive kayaks are better in all categories, but for the money it does what I ask.
  8. Fish pics

    The fishing kayak that Dick's sells. Nothing special but gets him out when I'm not around to use the John boat with him. We have been using them more and more. Just so easy to grab and go.
  9. Fish pics

    When we where launching the kayaks a guy and his son told us not to bother this place sucks. We just laughed, we fish there at least twice a week and always do well.
  10. Fish pics

    My dad caught this beast on the second cast this morning. Our little pond has been very productive this year.
  11. Fish pics

    Went out with my dad today and got this beast Oh and this one to Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  12. calling HVAC guys

    kind of what i figured, i appreciate the info. looks like its going to the scrap yard.
  13. calling HVAC guys

    [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] hey guys i am looking to get some info in the HVAC unit in the pictures. i was given the unit a few years ago with the hopes of installing it in my house but it looks like that wont be happening so id rather unload it. im just not sure of its...
  14. missfire rate

    Thanks for all the info guys. After another range trip I tried to refire my misfires. They went off without an issue. So I took my slide apart, pretty clean but did notice the firing pin is worn down on one side. So I have a new firing pin assembly with new Springs on order but it's on back...
  15. Ames Rifle and Pistol Club

    Thanks for the info guys I appreciate it. It's just around the corner from my house I just want to try it for a year. I still have my membership to Braintree anyway Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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