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  1. Magpul Glock mags

    Any reason why? Have you had issues? I’ve used them interchangeably with Glock OEM in my G17 Gen 3 for about 4 years now and have never had an issue. I keep them fully loaded and no issues with bulging or the lips spreading.
  2. Restrictions work, says man who brought Massachusetts gun deaths to record low

    It’s the Guardian. What else would you expect from a UK based paper?
  3. Police Officer Who MURDERED Ashli Babbitt Won’t Face Charges

    nothing that I’ve seen around this justified the use of lethal force on her.
  4. Tucker Carlson: Gun Control Is Not About Guns – It’s About Who Controls The Country

    I’m sure they would love a disarmed public on general principle but no, I don’t believe any of they have plans to enforce an agenda at gunpoint. They're attempting a culture shift to secure support for progressive candidates by painting the ‘other’ as dangerously reactive.
  5. Optic for ar?

    I have a Holosun on my PCC for ProSteel and an ACOG on my social gun
  6. Tucker Carlson: Gun Control Is Not About Guns – It’s About Who Controls The Country

    Very true but not in the sense most of us would believe. It’s a culture war thing. Guns, God, patriotism and the nuclear family have all been claimed by the political right so the left is doing the best they can to demonize their expression. They’ve made it all or nothing: support our...
  7. Packing the court

    This is theater. its simultaneously a sop to the far left and a threat to SCOTUS that if they take him on he’ll neuter them. It’s what FDR did.
  8. .

    Looks like a KC-135 with the boom up.
  9. House Democrats ask Biden to take executive action on concealable assault-style firearms

    Exactl. Given the recent 16 Circuit ruling on Trump’s Bump Stock EO I suspect they’ve decided going after AR Pistols under the NFA. They can adjust the guidance to class them as SBRs and have a hope of it standing up to judicial review. Pretty much all the other crap they want to pull won’t...
  10. Russian man from Mitischi, makes his stand when they come for his guns

    He must have forgotten to make a campaign contribution to Putin’s reelection fund.
  11. An FBI So Corrupt It Lets Mass Shooters Rampage Needs To Go

    So we are wanting the FBI to deny Constitutionally protected rights based on suspicion or association?
  12. When did AR pistols get so popular?

    It’s an SBR without the need of a tax stamp. I’ve no real use for them but I understand why some would.
  13. Un-tacticooling a tactical Mini 14

    You can tell which of these two actors was a Marine
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