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  1. What's In Your Pocket?

    yes.938, kahr, seecamp missing
  2. Do I ‘need’ a 45/70 trapdoor Springfield?

    Got mine (.43 Spanish) a few months back. I'm hooked
  3. SOLD**WTS 1884 Trapdoor Springfield 45/70 no FID or EFA needed. Marshfield, MA

    I bought two by mistake. Looks all original. Nice, even patina. Bore looks very good. Rifling looks good. Bayo included. Stock has some initials carved in it, and "65th Regs NY Stamped" in it. Looks like it would be a great shooter. Antique so no EFA or FID/LTC needed
  4. Things you regret drawing on

    Some things can never be unseen
  5. What’s your Dream gun?

    en blocs are not stripper clips
  6. What’s your Dream gun?

    M1's were loaded with stripper clips???
  7. F. Lee Bailey brash lawyer in high-profile trials, dies

    He was frequently seen at The Roadhouse in Marshfield, regaling fellow barflys of his tough guy Marine days.
  8. M1 Carbines available

    Love my 43 IBM, but these prices are crazy. Hopefully nobody buys them until they are 1k or less.
  9. Can we get this guy to leave Canada and come here?

    I think I figured it out. Saying OUT 44 times enables a mechanism in Canadian Law enforcement personnel that requires them to comply.
  10. That one night, almost two years ago, on Federal Hill...

    And they were incorrect in that appraisal?
  11. Thank You, Carl at Four Seasons!!

    He just donated a bunch of 22 ammo so our Jr Rifle (Marshfield RGC) can keep going. Very classy guy. Much appreciated!!!
  12. Problem with 9MM reloads

    I had this problem on a bunch of 45's I did. Too much bell on the mouth. I just ran the whole cartridge back through my sizing die less decapper. I could feel the bump over the mouth. They all chambered fine after that.
  13. Gun Porn Thread

    Major Schwing!!
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