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  1. Classic Firearms Finally Burns Me

    You can always dremel out the trigger guard and use it as a boomerang.
  2. Dropped deer off at butcher 2 weeks ago......not ready.....should I be worried?

    Went to the same place to pick up my cuts of beef, but surprisingly got a few extra boxes of tasty backstraps and other prime cut of deer. They gave your meat to me and there is nones left.
  3. Straw Purchase??? Me buying a gun, not for me... 4 scenarios

    Deepcover undercover AT-EF agent here. I have you're IP address. Any of your future buys and sells is mines!!
  4. Full auto Glock w/happy stick, for real?

    I know, like did the guy use it to wipe his ass?
  5. Full auto Glock w/happy stick, for real?

    Jacari Drayton...the only one with a head on his shoulders and good taste. But where did he find the 9mm ammo?
  6. Gray Man Theory

    I'm so Grey Man that my environment changes to match me.
  7. Gray Man Theory

    I'm so dashing and good looking this would never work for me.
  8. Report: Americans Own an Estimated 434 Million Firearms

    I think those numbers are grossly understated. So much so I'm going to go buy some more mags.
  9. AOC: trump accountability project [TAP] : going full stalin.

    The irony of the Obama era illegal immigrant cage photo is a particularly nice gaslighting technique.
  10. The Tactical Zoolander Splashy Urinal Puck Thread: hO-mUh-gAwD iSSa RuCaTh bOitKiN!!

    I don't normally post selfies, but I said what the hell. My operator setup:
  11. The Tactical Zoolander Splashy Urinal Puck Thread: hO-mUh-gAwD iSSa RuCaTh bOitKiN!!

    My operator setup only involves a groin plate. No vest or other bullshit. Unfortunately, I can't find one big enough to cover my spectacularly massive balls. Any ideas guys?
  12. The Tactical Zoolander Splashy Urinal Puck Thread: hO-mUh-gAwD iSSa RuCaTh bOitKiN!!

    Bonus points for the tactical antenna, but realistically, not necessary for UHF/VHF in most circumstances, since you are likely to be using a repeater anyway. Cool though, I have the same design.
  13. With the election day/night coming up

    I'm no ordinary operator bro! View:
  14. Novice question with Digital/Analog

    There is a digital repeater near me, there are only a couple people that use it. I personally don't think the audio sounds that great. Certainly not enough to justify the cost and the fact that its a fringe area with ham radio that few utilize.
  15. Joe Biden’s Proposals Include Incentivizing States to License Would-Be Gun Owners

    The solution here as a gun owner is to purchase as many mags as possible, get another AR. Give it as a gift to someone. While the numbers currently are proof of common use, fortifying the militia's stock of firearms and mags that these f***ing tyrants want to take away, is one way to fight...
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