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  1. WTS Beretta Langdon Tactical

    I have a beretta 92 Langdon tactical version. Has less than 100rds through it. The beretta and I just don’t jive all that good. I added a Wilson hammer spring, Langdon trigger bar (rivals sig’s srt tigger reset). It comes with a 15rd pre ban with the white follower. PM here Price $1150...
  2. Virginia deputy shot Black man after giving him ride home an hour earlier: report

    Yup, only the beginning. Getting these people who are now getting these jobs who would of never be considered in the first place
  3. Virginia deputy shot Black man after giving him ride home an hour earlier: report

    Exactly like I said not going off this story
  4. Virginia deputy shot Black man after giving him ride home an hour earlier: report

    Not going off this story But, They could turn the gun and shoot someone else before shooting themselves.
  5. WTS Kahr M1 Carbine

  6. WTS Kahr M1 Carbine

    I have a like new m1 carbine. I only put 50rds through it. I bought two boxes of ammo, used one and the other one is in the photo. It’s just been collecting dust. It comes with two 15rd magazines and one 30rd magazine. I throw in one 50rd box of ammo. It comes with an od sling, it didn’t come...
  7. What's the most you've spent on a single firearm?

    Me too, reminds me of a Hk mark23 of revolvers. Thinking bumping it up on the list. Beautiful pieces
  8. Kalamazoo, Sheriff vs knife attacker

    When comes to stuff like this, I just think of the Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna (R.I.P.) & Verna Adams (R.I.P). Remember, the suspect had only a rock. clean shoot. Sucks about the outcome, but clean.
  9. Ninja Attacks 2 Soldiers in CA

    I thought he was part of the story
  10. My Guns Thread from start to future

    That’s good you’re warming up to the ar. At first I never cared the ar and bought everything else under the sun. I’ve bought an aug to roller delay to scars. The only thing I’ve had never bought is an fnc, but heard those were garbage. Feel like the ar just does everything that you need and...
  11. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    I can agree to that, most buy it then find out it’s too big or too expensive to hangout in the safe. At least with the mark you don’t need to finesse it, it’s the most overbuilt and most torture tested pistol there is. To me, I think usp/mark series, g36, are the last of Hk greatness...
  12. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    If you need a light adapter. I recommend the los lobos light mount. Nice and sleek, better than gg&g /surefire.
  13. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    Was that at GFA?
  14. Norm MacDonald won’t be down

    My bad on the dupe
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