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  1. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Moving out of state is not the answer. It's the easy path. We must stand and fight this one.
  2. Custom Gun & Cycle Winchendon

    I was there today to pick up a pistol for which I won an auction on Gunbroker. Kevin is a super nice guy. Not a ton of inventory. I get the feeling he guys and sells a little, but he doesn't have much "in stock." He was a pleasure to deal with and much more personable than the people at a...
  3. A sample letter for your rep

    This is a letter I sent to my rep recently. It's not perfect, but I know a lot of people are not sure exactly what to say and how to say it clearly. If anyone is looking for some ideas, I offer this up as something to start with. Dear Representative {so and so}, I am writing in...
  4. MA: SEVEN ROUND MAG BAN! This is not a joke.

    Well, I'm shocked. I expected that MA would wait a few months to see what happened in NY before filing the exact same legislation. Boy was I wrong. They waited 24 whole hours. Well, the whole thing is in our hands right now. The nation is looking to us to see what we do...
  5. NY Senate passes 'landmark' gun control laws

    Anyone who doesn't think that MA, CT, NJ and CA are watching this situation carefully are nuts. If this thing goes off in NY without too much trouble, we will see clones of this law in these other states in short order. NY gun owners need to band together, mobilize and get very vocal quickly...
  6. The Brass Trading Thread

    I'm looking for some .308 brass. I don't have anything to trade, but I'll be happy to buy it from you! I'm interested in a quantity of several hundred rounds.
  7. looking for an opinion on FA91 rifles

    I would love one of these. Can they be had in MA?
  8. Does anyone carry a makarov?

    I carry a Russian Mak because my East German one is too sweet to abuse. I LOVE makarovs. They are so accurate and powerful for their size. Oh how I wish I had bought a Bulgarian and Chinese one when they were cheap, just to have a whole collection! Birdman
  9. Birdman_308

    That;s funny. I just sent you a PM in response to yours from a week ago and then I saw your ad...

    That;s funny. I just sent you a PM in response to yours from a week ago and then I saw your ad asking the same as I offered. If you still have the Centurion, I'll take it. We just need to figure out where to meet. Jonathan
  10. Looking for a good gunsmith in NH

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good Gunsmith in NH. I want to buy a Century Galil-style rifle, and have it modified to MA compliant. I am pretty sure that an FFL/gunsmith in MA can do this as well, but seems like doing it in NH is simpler. Anyone have any leads on a good FFL/gunsmith in NH...
  11. Beretta 92FS pistols

    I love my 92. I did the same of my first guns was a Taurus PT-99 (Beretta 92 clone with adjustable target sights). It is accurate and hefty, but has an absolutely terrible trigger. Then I shot a Beretta version and it was SO much better. Bought a 92FS black, Italian made...
  12. Buying a rifle from NH and bringing into mass

    Hypothetically speaking, what happens if you forget to "register" it in MA?
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