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  1. Rare H&K VP70 in 9mm w 3 18rd mags

    Gun is in excellent condition. Pre ban.$1600.00
  2. Rare Armalite 180 preban with 5 mags

    Gun is in very good condtion. Rare in MA. Costa mesa Manufature. 5.56mm. 1,20rd mag,2 30 rd. mag2 40 rd mags. $1800.00
  3. Rare Norinco UZI preban

    There are very few of these and less in MA. Gun has been test fired only and is in excellent condition. Must have LTC. $1200.00
  4. AK-47,NHM-91 match with 20" barrel and 75 round drum

    Gun is in excellent condition and is preban. Must have LTC. Stock is in excellent condition-the picture has a weird glare on it. $1450.00
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