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  1. South Shore Tactical Hanover, MA

    Hi guys, I have not been on NES for awhile but it is good to see all the good reviews - THANKS! A lot has happened in the last year or so -some good, some not so good but the shop has been doing very well and we have expanded to another level at 273 Winter Street, Hanover. We, Bob my director of...
  2. reloading questions

    RCBS,Lyman,Pacific, Lee dies have the same thread....7/8x14 and will work in most presses. CARBIDE dies are the way to go...just make sure you keep them clean. Get a good Tumbler first...some good media...I use Lyman corn cob....walnut media has a dye which will eventually become dust and make...
  3. reloading questions

    I suggest you start with a single stage press until you TOTALLY understand reloading. It is very easy to make a mistake with a progressive press and that can create a major problem all around. Once you get the concept, pick your loads, see how everything works (together) then you can go to a...
  4. Anyone want brass? All gone - Thanks

    I work nights and will be on my cell after 09:00 (the # posted) and we can make arrangements. Thanks Bill Anyone need any 270 brass? Once fired, mixed manufacturers.
  5. Anyone want brass? All gone - Thanks

  6. B

    Geoff: Saw Chris yesterday and said you were being deployed...hope it is somewhere safe,warm &...

    Geoff: Saw Chris yesterday and said you were being deployed...hope it is somewhere safe,warm & sunny! Have not been here very often so I was unable to respond to your request....been reaaaaaaal crazy here. Stay safe and stop by when you get home! Bill
  7. Looking for someone to replace an AR15 upper for me

    South Shore Tactical Hanover, MA. 1-617-851-1418
  8. South Shore Tactical Hanover, MA

    Hey Guy's!!! Go EASY!!! Hanovers best kept secret!!!! I am generally at the shop weekday mornings and Saturday AM. (I have a full time job at night)! Best to call me first to see if I will be there 'cause I do alot of running around for gun collections, estates, PD's, training etc. before you...
  9. 55gr powder choice

    .223 load 25.1 grs. IMR 4895 w/ Remington 7 1/2 primer...OAL 2.255
  10. fingerprints

    Give me a call, I work BCI and will do your prints @ N/C. All official & no problems. Located in Hanover, MA Bill 1-617-851-1418
  11. 9mm lead loads

    Thanks, I did some 3.8gr. of Titegroup and some 5.5gr. of Unique tonight and I am beginning to think it is the guns....used a PT99 & PT92AF and they both shot bad. Will do up some in 231 tommorrow and see what happens...if that does not work I will have 2 Taurus's for sale!!!
  12. 9mm lead loads

    I loaded some Carrol 125gr. LRN with 4.4grs. of Titegroup with WSP & OAL of 1.105 and if I hit the target 7 out of 10 times I was lucky!!! (And I know it was not me!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)! Even though it was out of a Taurus PT99 I thought it would group better than that...
  13. 9mm lead loads

    Anyone have a good load for 9mm 125gr. LRN? Looking for one to shoot the steel plates with this summer and am getting frustrated trying to develop one that works and is clean.
  14. Where to buy powder and supplies?

    Reloading supplies Try South Shore Tactical in Hanover, MA. Keeps some inventory but can get you pretty much of what you want. Check out the thread in the dealer to call first.
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