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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again

    I casually check in for 357 mag, haven't seen any in several weeks.
  2. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    That number has been pretty consistent right along.
  3. Septic tank pumped, guy left the underground cover off... could that be a problem?

    That was the reason I put on a riser. No more digging.
  4. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    Looks like Susan Rice has taken the lead on the VP pick.
  5. Kids ATV Recommendations

    Don't forget about that pesky Warrant-less Arrest section in the Chapter.
  6. Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All

    Appears to be accurate.
  7. Kids ATV Recommendations

    Yes, the use of a OHV for Agricultural is exempt from the reg requirement.
  8. Herman Cain died

  9. Kids ATV Recommendations

    Yes, same Bigred On a state level it's an uphill battle. We do have a key person on our side, his name is Scott Morrill, he works for EOEEA and is the Off Highway Vehicle Trails Coordinator. We are having success working with the local DCR officials that are on the ground in Western Mass, been...
  10. Kids ATV Recommendations

    This was the reason Chapter 90B was changed, otherwise known as "Sean's Law". The Kearney's pushed to have the law changed, resulting in the rest of us being punished.
  11. Kids ATV Recommendations

    Even though the current formal legislative session is ending on the 31st, the following info seems relevant to this conversation. As already stated sweeping changes were made in 2010 to MGL Chapter 90B. In July of 2017 NETRA and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) hosted a meeting at the...
  12. Kids ATV Recommendations

    Totally understandable, it is very frustrating. The fight continues here in Mass.
  13. Kids ATV Recommendations
  14. Kids ATV Recommendations

    Between 10 and 14 is ok a long as rider is preparing for a sanctioned organized event. Under 10 ok with dirtbike only and preparing for a sanctioned event.
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