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  1. How naive are we?

    I've been to Central America. I've been to the sh!+hole countries that these people are coming from. It's pretty bad. Many communities have unemployment rates of 60% or higher. Median income for many Central American neighborhoods is about $0.80 per day IF you can even find a job. Public school...
  2. Canik tp9sf Elite sight upgrade

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. This is going to be my regular carry gun, I need to be able to see the sights in all lighting conditions
  3. Canik tp9sf Elite sight upgrade

    The front sight is invisible in low light conditions. The rear sight is featureless and very sharp when wearing it in an inside holster.
  4. Canik tp9sf Elite sight upgrade

    I recently had the pleasure purchasing a Canik tp9sf Elite. What a great shooting gun! Nice finish, phenomenal trigger, but the Warren Tactical Sights that come with it absolutely suck. They're awful. I can buy replacement sights from Canik directly for 125 but wondering what other options there...
  5. WTS Mathews Mission hype bow $400

    pls delete
  6. WTS Mathews Mission hype bow $400

    price drop and i added pics
  7. WTS Mathews Mission hype bow $400

  8. The ultimate turkey predator

    I've seen some interesting things in the woods, but so far this takes the cake. View: View:
  9. smallest choke for slugs

    I shoot 20g slugs in Mossberg sa-20 through a full choke. Kicks more but its dead on accurate. Have to tighten the choke every three or four shots though. Three slugs in the same hole at 50 yards
  10. Submit op-eds to your local newspaper

    I did a paper submission once... Not too eager to repeat it. Then again, it was pretty provocative Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. ISO anti Hillry Clinton swag for an event this weekend
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