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  1. Fly fishing questions

    You may want to try a furled leader. Try Zen Outfitters online. I recently got a couple and they are great. They have a small ring on the end that you tie your tippet material directly in any length you choose. I usually go about 5'-6' of tippet. The leader is 4.5'. I use a clinch knot on the...
  2. WINNER. SEE POST 1 To hell with Margo karma

    In please Thanks
  3. Unlikely Warriors - Army Security Agency In Vietnam

    Looking forward to picking up a copy. Thank you for your service, Chuck.
  4. 2013 Spring Turkey Hunting megathread

    Got a late start this morning due to working the overnite. My buddy set us up on the corner of a field, and we let out a few yelps. Within minutes 15 had one come in from behind us and hang up about 60-70 yds off to the right. He stayed there for a few then took off running. We moved and set up...
  5. Tiger & Browns

    Nice! They're putting in some chunks this year. Those Tigers put up a good fight and are pretty wild looking.
  6. The boys first 3D shoot

    Great pics, must've been fun! I love seeing the little ones getting out and enjoying it. Good job, dad!
  7. Vikings : on the history channel

    I liked it and will definitely keep watching. The Bible was pretty good, too.
  8. Opinion wanted.

    Thanks for the clarification on the laws. This was a situation that happened to a co-worker the other day. We got to talking and since I frequent the form I figured I throw it out to others and see what the general consenus was. My first thought was, "why not? If the shot is there and they are...
  9. Opinion wanted.

    Hypothetically, say you're pheasant hunting on a WMA with a good size portion being a wetlands. While walking the pheasent fields, a flock of geese comes in low and slow. Now all seaons are open, you have the right stamps, filled out your HIP survey, etc. You are tageting pheasant, so you have...
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