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  1. WTT 380 Gold Dot

    Have 4 boxes of 380 Gold Dot defense ammo. These are 50 rd boxes, trade for 4 Jacksons or 9MM ammo of equal value, not rds. Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's...
  2. WTB 509 midsize mags

    Looking for a better price on 509 midsize mags, Please let me know if you see any under $30 thanks Al
  3. FN 509M Range report

    I picked up a new FN 509 midsize and went to the range today. I was impressed with this firearm. Out of the box, this gun is excellent. I like the sights on this gun. They line up perfectly on target. I put 100 rds through, flawlessly. When I was done I had a 3 in hole just below center...
  4. Quality or Quantity?

    If I had money to which I could spend plenty without worry, I'd probably buy a couple of expensive guns, but I don't..... have the money, that is. I look at it this way, If I am satisfied with a $300 gun, then why buy a $1500 gun? I bought a S&W 1911 9MM and fired it a half dozen times and...
  5. Next MA approved firearms roster for us peasants?

    I know that, just knew I saw it on the list. I never pay Mass prices. Not even for Glocks
  6. Next MA approved firearms roster for us peasants?

    Thanks I see it now.
  7. Any dealers here have a copy of the Roster from 9/19?

    I really thought the 320 M18 was on the Sept 2019 roster and it is not on the Dec 2019 roster now.
  8. 320 M18, it was, now it isn't???

    Someone must keep a copy of the previous list? Maybe?
  9. Next MA approved firearms roster for us peasants?

    I don't see the 320 M 18 and I can swear I saw it on the 9/19 list
  10. 320 M18, it was, now it isn't???

    Revised, I see it there now Thanks Guys I swear the 320 M18 was on the list 9/19, but now the 12/19 list, it is gone. Anyone know what happened?
  11. Best Carry 1911 $1,000 or Less

    I don't know how "light weight" you want but, I would think that would eliminate most 1911's especially in the 45. An alternative to that would be an alloy or aluminum frame, and one you could look at would be the Kahr in a K series.
  12. Mossberg MC1sc

    Owners - Any feedback on this pistol? Haven't seen any reviews here on this one.
  13. FN 509M

    Anymore feedback on this?
  14. SOLD M&P 2.0 Compact mags

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