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  1. WTS .22LR Ammo

    Have 500 rds CCI Standard velocity, 10 - 50 rd boxes and 400 rds Federal 50 rd boxes. Selling as one lot 900 rds total $80 pick up, Brookfields, Spencer, Ware, Warren FID or LTC needed Will follow all laws
  2. WTS .22 Long rifle ammo

    Have 400 rds Federal Champion 40 gr .22 LR $35 Must pick up in Spencer area (Klem's is where I usually meet) All Laws followed, must have FID or LTC
  3. Sudden value increase!

    Mighty fine rib eyes there! What seasoning did you put on them?
  4. Sudden value increase!

    "sudden value increase" I think you mistakenly used a wrong word in here. "value" , I think "gouging" would be more appropriate. LOL I'm glad I bought 7K rds of 9MM before the price doubled.
  5. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Target Sports 9mm ammo in stock right now for $360 a case
  6. WTT Reduced price Ruger 22/45 MKIV

    Reduced! Ruger MK IV 22/45, free state model. Comes with original box and contents and two extra mags for a total of 4. Also including 500 rds of ammo. Must do FFL transfer, no personals left Sell for $450 includes transfer. TRADES SIG P320C or Carry grip Statement of Legal compliance: I will...
  7. Shut your mouth.

  8. More reliable than a Glock 19?

    My MC1sc will take G43 mags :)
  9. More reliable than a Glock 19?

    There's always something new coming out to challenge the G19. They have to prove the test of time which Glock has done for over 35 yrs. With that said, I would recommend the FN 509M as an alternative. Same size as the G19 and it has been perfect for me. The FN definitely has a good reputation...
  10. FFL Not Communicating

    Going up in the 60's, I was always loyal but sometimes people take advantage of loyalty.
  11. FFL Not Communicating

    I'm retired and on a very fixed income. I have 2 LGSs' within 10 minutes. One has much better prices (quite a bit better) so why would I go to the other? I can't afford to give my money away. So, if my reasonable priced dealer doesn't have it, I go to Gunbroker.
  12. FFL Not Communicating

    I have bought guns from Gunbroker because as Stockwell says the LGS don't have the selection, nor can they sell them for the prices on GB. My local FFL welcomes transfers from GB because he makes the $25 transfer fee which he says is more than what he makes on a firearm sometimes. I also have...
  13. Mossberg MC1sc - Now a review

    Should have answered this a while ago. The reviews I've read were all good. It is comfortable in my hand, can get a good grip on it. The price was definitely a big factor. So, the first 100 rds or so was great, ran perfect. Cleaned the gun, next trip, my buddy put Wolf steel through and jammed...
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