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  1. Hunter's Trading Post, Weymouth, MA

    Stop it, will ya...we're all living in a dream world [rolleyes] [laugh]
  2. Hunter's Trading Post, Weymouth, MA

    Oh no, you're "playing into it", putz...with every inept response you make that dodges the points I, as well as others make about you, you're "playing into it" [laugh]. As far as your extremely uneducated comments about Bob and Sergei (HTP's gunsmiths), you are now officially talking straight...
  3. Hunter's Trading Post, Weymouth, MA

    Ha ha, you know for "a fact" huh? I know Carl well enough, probably better than you...but that's neither here nor there. What's pertinent here is your ridiculous claim that SD was 4S without the drive. Don't try and back peddle saying you were referring to customer service or "personality"...
  4. Hunter's Trading Post, Weymouth, MA

    My issue? How about schill's like you that obviously either work for SD, or (as you accuse me of) are a buddy of the owner, half of your posts on NES are some sort of plug for Sportsmen's Den. In and of itself that's fine, but when that repetitive diarrhea constantly spills over into another...
  5. Hunter's Trading Post, Weymouth, MA

    "Far better" in YOUR opinion...NOT in mine. You like SD so much, go extoll their virtues in their thread instead of trolling for them in HTP's.
  6. Hunter's Trading Post, Weymouth, MA

    I'm confused, is this thread about Hunter's Trading Post or Sportsmen's Den? [rolleyes]
  7. Supply of 7.62X39 running low!!

    Unfortunately that sale no longer exists. I emailed PSA about that deal and got a response that they no longer have any Yugo 7.62x39, all sold out.
  8. Officer Shot After Pointing Stun Gun at Man's Dogs

    How the hell have we gotten to confiscation of hc mags? You've spun this into your own chest pounding opportunity pretty well, aren't you just the most alpha-wannabe tough-guy keyboard commando...Barney Fife would do well to stay off your property[/sarcasm] [rolleyes]
  9. Take care out there people!

    Glad they were relatively ok...big car saved the day there, no doubt.
  10. Dash Cam: Canton, OH PD "Notification" Arrest & Officer Goes Berserk

    That's because he's obviously refriggintarded. This embarrassment should loose his job forthwith and face whatever legal charges that would be applicable under Ohio law. The tirade this unprofessional dink put on made me sick, in particular when he said he "should have executed him".
  11. Bug out Rifle

    You're right, AK's don't have all those cool little pins & springs that love to go shooting off into outer space when being repaired. [wink] [smile] [pot] He's right, it's not. If you wanna carry a pistol and a bigger pistol, just say it.
  12. Dont you hate when you get hot brass down your shirt? and someone is video tapinG?

    Yup [laugh] @ 0:24, this would sting...and pay attention @ 1:57 too.
  13. H&K Legal, scratch that, MA Compliant... As Of......

    Then you'd be an idiot. If that's your experience there, then post it in the proper forum, I was just pointing out where someone could get their hands on one...not soliciting shopping experiences there.
  14. H&K Legal, scratch that, MA Compliant... As Of......

    For those looking, HTP in Weymouth has a new LEM USP compact in .40
  15. HK In MA ?

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