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  • Hey Rob,
    I know it's in April and they bag you $100 for it. I'm sure it's on a website somewhere. Anyone can take it, just have to take it at one of the sites. Alot of non residents do take it, especially when it was the old MSP test.
    Yeah the financal state of MA is, well about the same as the state of the US. Not sure when we'll be hiring but we are down over 175 guys with retirements and all.
    Take care,
    hey steve....i am well thanks....i heard about the exam and i may take it if i can get the time off....any idea when the exact date it? also do u think i can still take it even though i live out out state? i was just up in mass last week and my friends were telling me that a lot of municipal police were laid off...that sux
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