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  • Turkey and chicken are done the same way, just different lengths of time. I usually apply butter to the skin and put a light rub on...stuff the cavity with butter, onion & celery or stuffing, then tie it off and let the smoke do its work. What kinds of wood do you use? I recommend apple, cherry or maple for birds and pork, and ash or hickory (or mequite if you can find it) with beef.
    Congrats on getting into the fine art of smoking meat! Most folks I know think they're real BBQ'rs if they can get the Weber lit. Haha.

    I've got a Horizon Ranger.

    It's got a firebox big enough to grill on if I want to, or I can use the box as my heat source for both the horizontal and vertical chambers. The horizontal is big enough to smoke 16 racks of ribs and the vertical is great for sausages, fish, cheese, etc. I've heard great things about the Big Green Egg...quite a few folks use it in competition. I'm a certified KCBS judge and have done a few local competitions, myself. As for recipes, there's a ton of 'em. What are you interested in? Here's a few sites I like...

    Let me know what you're interested in and I'll be glad to help if I can.

    I too will be doing a pistol grip conversion but need to find someone to do it. I will talk to the USPSA guys and see what I find out. If I find someone to do it I will let you know. Let me know as well if you find someone that will do it.

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