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    This will cause the end of the East Hartford store mark my words! If it bullets or firearms and you are out of state forget it unless you get the CT permit! This is why I am surprised Cabelas is opening a new store in MA. I think putting one on the VT/NH line would be smart! One more reason...
  2. Vote Poll: Should troops be armed on homeland bases?

    I don't have a clear answer for this. If I have to answer this with a simple yes or no then I will answer yes. I was a US Army MP for 8 years. I was one of the few on both of my duty stations that allowed me to have a CWP (duty weapon) on the post. I think that certain soldiers should have a...
  3. Looking for a 308/7.62x51 semi auto

    DPMS just came out with the DPMS GII modle line which I was pretty impressed with because they took weight out of the rifle. Check out the SASS modle if you want all the bells and whistles. If you want to kill two birds with one stone Colt has a 7.62 that you can attach a 5.56 upper to so you...
  4. Two and a half years build is finally complete.

    Can you post some 100 yard groups with it?
  5. Thoughts on guided deer hunt for 2014

    I have done a couple hunts and I would suggest that you do alot of research. I know for a fact that Maine's deer population has been hit hard and its numbers are down. I heard that NH and VT were the same. Hunting whitetail deer can very costly! If you can't travel then I would suggest...
  6. .308 or another 5.56 for AR build…please help me decide

    I did most of my first build in 5.56 and am about to do my second in 308. Its money to finish the projects that is slowing them down. Their is alot of information on the web on how to do it! Watched several videos on youtube and did alot of reading! I suggest you plan out where you want to...
  7. Hunting trip in the spring

    Hunt hogs in TX by helicopter!!!!! Only place you can do it!
  8. 2013 white tail hunting pictures and experiences.

    Wow, I bet I know that EPO! He has made quite a name for himself out here! Lacks IPC skills when dealing with hunters! Officer Scott out of Egermont was a much better person to deal with!
  9. Whats the best gun shop in the western MA area and why?

    You can't beat the selection at A&Js in Housatonic in the area, but I find you pay top dollar for that selection. I guess it is supply and demand!
  10. anyone having delays with your LTC A?

    97 days it took me for renewal. Contact your state rep and make them aware of how long it has been......
  11. Cerakote - Paper City Firearms

    Super job! I will be sending him some work in months to come!
  12. GOAL LTC/FID Renewal Delay Survey

    Well, it finally came.....took 97 days but I finally got it! Far cry from the 40 days that was written into law!
  13. AR- Trigger

    I have a SSA trigger waiting for my shadow ops lower being built! I Hope to have it in a couple months!
  14. GOAL LTC/FID Renewal Delay Survey

    Renewed on March 6th, Expired on March 20th, still waiting on the state! Come on, the system is not broken! LOL!
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