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  1. Hey everybody, first post.

    Welcome to the forum and to the great world of gun ownership!
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    My husband loves this game. I'm glad to see other grown males enjoy it as well.
  3. Happy Birthday Derek

    Happy birthday, one day late. [party2]
  4. Article: Comm2A Sues over Property Forfeiture

    That's infuriating. How the hell can Village Vault send a bill AFTER they auction off and retain the proceeds?
  5. happy birthday Becka,

    Thanks for the birfday wishes, everyone!
  6. Gun Show Schedule

    Has anyone heard about a show in West Bridgewater at a gun club this weekend?
  7. I know we all hate Mass so where would you like to live?

    I want to live down south. From places I've visited so far, I'd be open to somewhere near Richmond, VA; New Orleans, LA; Savannah, GA; Memphis, TN and more.
  8. GOAL and the Outdoor Message - What the hell?

    I'd like to think I'm pretty involved in the whole shooting sports thing, even though my presence on NES has decreased. I've personally brought over 5 newbies to the range in the 3 years I've been shooting. I've brought GOAL to the table for quite a few people I've met who are interested in...
  9. Japan Donates $120,000 In Relief Supplies To Alabama

    Well, the Gulf Coast still needs money to help repair itself after Katrina. I visited Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs and New Orleans this month and the devastation still visible is horrifying. I'm not an "OMG help everyone!" person, but it's been almost 6 years. Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis's...
  10. I'm Torn

    Go for the cover up. You'll be doing the world a favor.
  11. My 2000th Post - Go Green On Me! Winner: Kriggity!

    In please...oh, wait. Heh. Too late! :P
  12. Most recent favorite song....

    I also like Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band. Some of my other new favorites are: Jerrod Niemann - What Do You Want From Me I am a huge fan of Lady Antebellum - you'd be hard pressed to find someone who loves them more than me - but I didn't like their new single, Hello World, until I saw...
  13. Wow! Shuttle launch caught by a passing airliner video! Absolutely cool

    That was cool. Thanks for the link!
  14. Happy birthday Zappa, gjones77, and bambame2

    Happy birthday Zappa! [party2]
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