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    I will add that the slain reporter's father previously ran for the VA House as a democrat and lost. He was anti-gun prior to the murder, which I suspect is a big reason he lost in the Southern VA district that he sought to represent.
  2. Suspected active shooter investigation involving news crew

    The CNN douches are messing up the info. so, so badly.
  3. Laptop recommendations

    I'd recommend Lenovo as well. You can beat the snot out of them and they keep on working. An SSD will improve the speed quite a bit if he springs for that. In his price range, I'd recommend a Thinkpad Edge with a 14" screen like this one Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430 627156U 14" LED Notebook -...
  4. In the market for a new CCW

    Buy a glock 30 and then you can swap in a glock 29 barrel if you want to keep the 10 mm or roll with it as made in .45 ACP.
  5. Chelmsford Water Ban

    I hear what you're saying. But that's just sticking your finger in the hole without addressing the problem. Seems to me the town has knowledge of a defect, has not corrected the defect and will be liable when insufficient water pressure exists to extinguish someone's house on fire. Shifting...
  6. pest control

    Thing to remember with ants is spraying them can make things worse by splitting the colony into multiple colonies. Bait traps that the ants can sample and take back to kill the whole colony is the best way. Getting the ants to eat the bait can take some trial and error to find the right bait.
  7. Chelmsford Water Ban

    If the water pressure issue is so critical, isn't that a problem in itself? Operating that close to the pressure margin seems unwise.
  8. Chelmsford Water Ban

    I'd be worried that if pressure is an issue because of too much lawn watering that insufficient pressure would be available in the event of a prolonged fire. If that is the case, then infrastructure needs to be improved.
  9. Experience in AR15 Bumpfire?

    Slidefires and the like have been discussed before. I was hoping to point you to some other threads, but the search function does not like me today. I believe the general consensus is the slidefire is not a collapsible stock but one where the whole stock can move a tiny bit. I think the...
  10. Chelmsford Water Ban

    So it sounds like the town has decided they own all water that falls over the town boundaries or happens to be underneath it? I didn't realize MA had so little rain/snow that water restrictions needed to be implemented anywhere.
  11. CA microstamping law takes effect immediately

    Presumably, the primer would be stamped. So, knock out the primer after shooting and take that with you.
  12. CA microstamping law takes effect immediately

    I suspect no existing manufacturers will modify the SAs to provide this feature. And you guys thought pre-ban Glocks in MA cost an arm and a leg. Now pre-micro stamped SAs will cost a fortune in CA.
  13. 2 FBI HRT members killed in "training exercise"

    I suspect they had inside intel on the Boston bombing. [tinfoil] I was also the second gunman on the grassy knoll.
  14. Today I woke up in the U.S.S.R.

    After 6 pages of posts, I'm still not quite sure the exact point that he is trying to make? Maybe I need more coffee.
  15. Today I woke up in the U.S.S.R.

    Not allowed under federal law? And the new legislation would put you under federal control and permit you to be armed?
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