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  1. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I identify as vaccinated.
  2. Biden's ATF nominee

    Here is a bit of his background: ...he worked for a year and a month as a senior advisor for the municipal firearm reform advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. He also worked nearly three years as senior vice president of public safety solutions for ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection system...
  3. Archie Bunker

  4. Archie Bunker

    I was once given a seven day ban on a forum I used to frequent for simply posting "Archie Bunker was right".
  5. Is this a pipe dream???

    Last time I was in Shooter's they had them in stock. So did Kittery TP and they were cheaper.
  6. Looking for 24 guys with 1K to buy a range

    Mr. Buzzkill threw a wet blanket on the project. I am still open to the idea.
  7. Revere MA? Info for Friend Needed

    This is showing my age but I would order a lobster roll and a scallop plate all rings and it was under $10. at Kelly's.
  8. Revere MA? Info for Friend Needed

    This made me laugh. Not from Revere but grew up in the general area. Loved Kelly's but not for roast beef, Bill & Bob's and Mike's were both better. Spent a lot of my youth on the beach or in the bars on the beach. Got into a big rumble inside of Rose's. Had the 70's and 80's wardrobe as all my...
  9. Fauci is a piece of s%*t

    People wonder why their is so much mistrust when they are told to "trust the science". Here's why: "When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent," Fauci told The New York Times in December. "Then, when newer surveys...
  10. At the doctor's office yesterday ....

    I was once being admitted to the hospital for a routine test when the question "do you feel safe at home" was posed to me. I shot my wife a sideways glance then whispered to the nurse, "she makes me say yes." I paid for that one for a while.
  11. NH cartoonist attacks the gun owners and the legislators...

    I escaped from MA a little over 25 years ago. For the first few years I compared the difference in what I used to pay in MA versus what I was paying in NH. Despite my property tax bill being higher in NH, and at that it wasn't crazy higher, a lot more of my money stayed with me. Between the...
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