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  1. Deval Patrick was considering run for President... Now he's IN.

    He better watch out for those empty Coke cans.
  2. Don't Be A Blockhead Charlie Brown!

    Good grief.
  3. So long, farewell, it's been good to know ya... UPDATE post 164

    Congratulations. Keep us posted on how you like TN. It is on my list when I leave the people's republic.

    I feel safer already. [puke]
  5. Woman Pecked To Death By Rooster

    Must implement egg buyback program. Common sense farm laws.
  6. The TSA only hires the BEST

    “It’s not as if he’s out in public randomly harassing people,” Simons argued. What a class act and a helluva legal argument.
  7. Valerie Harper will not be down for breakfast

    I always thought she was better looking than Mary on the MTM show. I believe the doctors gave her 5 months and she lasted 5 or 6 years. RIP
  8. MSP Union Head and Lobbyist Arrested for Conspiracy, Misuse of Funds

    Didn't the APD cop get in his car and drive the wrong way down the street?
  9. Eric Roberts is done

    He was great in "The Pope of Greenwich Village".
  10. The race war the left wants

    We are ALL sorry you were born.
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