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  1. pistol permit renewal by mail

    AAA does free passport photos. They just use a regular camera and cut it.
  2. Props to Gunrunners 101 in Amherst, NH

    There was a guy in that area that refused to accept C&R license.
  3. Karma 300wsm

  4. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Is deprimed brass subject to ammo storage laws?
  5. Carry in vehicle (only in center console or on person) ?

    My cousin got stopped in Brockton. He lives there too. The cop asked, after running his license, if he had a firearm and my cousin told him it was in the console. The cop said ok and sent him on his way with a warning about a lane change he made. It probably is gonna depend on who stops you.
  6. Tips for Flying with Firearms for the First Time

    What I mean is are regular locks different than tsa locks?
  7. Tips for Flying with Firearms for the First Time

    Why use non tsa locks?
  8. 10mm in MA

    Ruger and Smith Wesson both make MA compliant 10mm revolvers around $7-800.
  9. Buckshot & Slug Shotshell Reloading Thread

    There’s a guy on YouTube that shows you how to do it without a press. Incase, you want to try before you buy.
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