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  1. local woburn blm activists at it again

    Good thing about New England is the snow will cover it.
  2. DOT medical card situation in your area

    CVS In Danvers is on the list as of last year. I went in Wilmington and the girl was clueless on how to do it and threatened to call DMV because I was in a hurry. Whole thing took 2 hours.
  3. Buckshot & Slug Shotshell Reloading Thread

    There’s a guy on YouTube that shows you how to do it without a press. Incase, you want to try before you buy.
  4. Purchased my first 22 LR today

    Walmart in Hooksett has one if anyone is looking. NH residents only.
  5. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at all events and properties

    Around 5 years ago the camera tried to hide the NRA logo painted on the grass at Texas Speedway. This was a race that was on ESPN.
  6. 6/2020 EOPS Approved Firearms Roster

    If you want to piss off a liberal show them that the roster is growing not shrinking
  7. Pistol Powder Recommendation and Source in Western Massachusetts

    Hodgdon clays can be used for pistol? I thought it was only for shotgun. Lots of it available.
  8. Famous sayings

    You may all go to hell. I’m going to Texas.—- Davey Crocket
  9. Where would you move to?

    I spent the summer of 2000 working on Bald Head Island right next to Southport. Liked it a lot.
  10. Greatest TV series I've ever seen

    For me it’s Kacak filmed in Turkey.
  11. Stay out of Reading this Saturday aftrrnoon

    How did the protest go?
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