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  1. Red dot on SD9VE

    I have one that I use for a ccw in the winter. Not sure how many rounds down it but it goes bang every time. It was only about $250 new so I don't care if it gets scratched. I looked at putting a red dot on it at one point but decided it was too much trouble and money.
  2. Red Ryder BB gun

    If I were to work out a good firing solution artillery style, and with the right tail wind, it might get that far.
  3. Red Ryder BB gun

    It took 5 shots to break a lightbulb when I tried.
  4. Red Ryder BB gun

    I like mine! Had one as a kid and the seal was so gone you could catch the bb with in your bare hand. My son brought one home for me last father's day as a joke and now I'm not sure the seal was all that bad on my other one. The new one can't punch through a can but it can dent it a little at 20...
  5. White extremism is winning in my Vermont town. I'm selling my animal sanctuary and moving.

    That was all feels and no facts. Other than the fact that he called the police on his neighbors for using their own property as they want there isn't one mention of a specific action, just general accusations.
  6. FFL's that won't release a transfer after three days if no proceed on a nics check

    The lesson I'm taking from this is call the LGS before heading down to do a transfer to see if they have any bs house rules.
  7. Deals and steals

    Don't even need them but ordered 2 anyway. Thanks!
  8. Not your daddy's airgun

    Don't get me wrong, if money wasn't an issue I would love to get into PCP. For all the reasons you mention they look like a good time.
  9. Not your daddy's airgun

    I've been looking at PCP for a long time. They look like a lot of fun but the cost to get started is too rich for my blood. You either need a scuba tank that you go somewhere to get filled and charge it from there or a compressor like your friend had. Add that to the cost of the rifle and I'm out.
  10. Serious question: what will you do with unconstitutional orders

    Refer to post #4. I think it applies here too because said persons benefiting from your kindness isn't guaranteed not to brag about it on Facebook.
  11. Opinions wanted. How shiny is too shiny?

    Exactly! I was starting to lean toward a lower gloss then you post this and I don't know anymore. The questions are do I have it in me to get to that level of shine? If I do will a 90 year old tube fed, bolt action .22 with that shine have the same presence as that 1911? And now you have me...
  12. Opinions wanted. How shiny is too shiny?

    That's some nice looking work! I'm putting together a cap and ball rifle that I was going to rust blue. My last attempt didn't come out as dark as that so I'll cut back on the polishing for this one. I should have said up front that I'm doing the prep work and bringing it to La Rocca to be dipped.
  13. Opinions wanted. How shiny is too shiny?

    I don't know what I'd like, that's why I'm coming to the NES brain trust. There's no shortage of opinions here the I know of.
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