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  1. Question(s) for Linux geeks

    I realize there's a stigma around it but in place upgrades do work. If you don't want to troubleshoot DNS, since you're working with a VM, why don't you clone your DC for backup and try the 2016 upgrade? I haven't done it on a production DC but I did it in my labs more than once with good...
  2. Question(s) for Linux geeks

    If you're putting a new DC up and the domain leaves with the old DC you need to have a look at DNS. It's where you're problem is. Linux won't give you what AD does. Usually you use something like sssd to add a Linux machine to an AD domain because the security is way easier to manage that way...
  3. WTF. Saw this on rt 1 Saugus

    As mentioned the guy in the picture is Sikh. Not sure of the writing but it's not Arabic. They don't follow mohammed and are generally a live and let live kind of folks. The were the military class in India at one point though and still have to carry a sword at all times once they've been...
  4. Got a box of Charcoal today.........

    What ya stuffing that in?
  5. Xfinity realistic lowest cost per month internet

    I ditched directv for Netflix/Hulu. Not that clear of a picture on DSL but I don't watch much tv and it's $120 / month cheaper. The games kill everything.
  6. Xfinity realistic lowest cost per month internet

    As much as I don't want to I'm getting xfinity. DSL sucks too much to let me work from home and I'm paying $95 a month for the suckage. I'm not getting tv with it so maybe I won't have to fight with them after the promotion period. My thinking is if I'm paying $90 a month and still have...
  7. How good is my new knife sharpener???

    This is a good upgrade to the KO sharpener. Makes it a lot more versatile.
  8. My daughter said I need to clean off my coffee table.

    Looks perfectly normal to me. I would think she'd be happy you're putting it to good use.
  9. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I haven't had much luck with these yet but I'm still trying.
  10. Massachusetts Ammo 9mm

    Go green and post it here. WTS/WTT Firearm accessories
  11. 80% lowers in MA

    I don't see "ghost gun" on the list of charges. A lot of bloviating about something they want to outlaw but no law he was charged with breaking that contains "ghost".
  12. Put a fart can on my daughters 94 Saturn SL1

    I put cherry bombs on my '73 Camaro. The didn't stay too long. If you think a red Camaro attracts cops try one you can hear coming from a mile out.
  13. Put a fart can on my daughters 94 Saturn SL1

    I think the walker might win this one. I didn't see a Bosal to fit the SL1 but Walker has them. Rust comes up as the issue for a lot of the lower prices ones I've looked at but I'll put a few coats of paint on it and see if that helps it last. The car has some life left in it. She got it 2...
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